25 June, 2019

Monthly update: Ellington Park Digital Archive Hub

This month Ellington Park has seen volunteers from the community and the council undertake a spring clear out day. Two van loads of waste and recycling was cleared from various containers in the park, making way for the digital archive hub – which will appear in July.

Over the next two years the team behind the project will be calling out for any historic material that documents events in Ellington Park from 1100 to 2012 across the following heritage themes:

  • Performance, prose and pageants in the park
  • Cheal Family Values – Victorian Social Life and Ancient Ellington Park –
  • Archaeology
  • Documenting the Ellington Estate prior to becoming a public park 1894

As part of this work, there will be six volunteer places to support the archive project. Training will be provided to assist volunteers in cataloguing items, recording ownership, digital scanning, image resizing, adding images to the online catalogue and managing the website. If you are interested in volunteering to help with the archive, please email Hayley.white@thanet.gov.uk.

Over 2,000 historic documents will be digitised to create an online catalogue and website. Images from this new digital archive will inform the interpretation signage around the park and new phone app, to include heritage and ecology trails around the park.

This project has been made possible by National Lottery Players, proceeds from the National Lottery fund the good causes administered by Heritage Lottery Fund. Please check back for
monthly announcements and updates as the projects progress. More information can also be found on these pages.

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