3 April, 2023

Ramsgate parks get 1,100 new trees and info boards to educate local community

As part of Thanet District Council’s ambitions to tackle climate change, a tree planting project has been completed in Ramsgate, with 1,100 trees successfully planted.

In partnership with national charity Trees for Cities, the council submitted a successful application for funding to the Green Recovery Challenge Fund and Urban Tree Challenge Fund in 2022. 

Four Ramsgate parks were chosen as they fitted the specific criteria for the funding, being in need of improved biodiversity and canopy cover. They were Jackey Bakers, Nethercourt Park, Newington Green and Warre Recreation Ground. The species of trees were chosen to benefit local wildlife and as they are resilient to potential diseases. 

Thanet District Council’s Open Spaces team, in partnership with Trees for Cities, hosted a series of tree planting days from February 2022 to March 2023. These events formed part of the Forgotten Places: Ramsgate Tree Planting Project.

Following the successful completion of this project in February 2023, colourful new information boards have been installed in each of the four sites. These boards showcase the trees planted on each site. They also include educational facts about the birds and wildlife in the park, inviting visitors to spot the newly-planted tree species as well as wild birds. 

The aim of the Forgotten Places: Ramsgate Tree Planting Project was to plant 100 standard trees (over two metres in height), and 1,000 whips (young trees no taller than one metre), to increase biodiversity and canopy cover within Ramsgate’s parks.

The first tree planting event took place at Jackey Bakers in March 2022, in commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee, and 42 standard trees were planted. 

In October 2022, 250 school children from four Ramsgate schools took part in three mini woodland creation days. Between them, they planted 1,000 whips at Newington Green, Nethercourt Park and Warre Recreation Ground. 

In November 2022, 18 standard trees were planted in Nethercourt Park, with a further 24 in Warre Recreation Ground. 

The project concluded at an event on Wednesday 1 February at Warre Recreation Ground where 18 sixth form students from Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School planted 16 standard trees.

In total, 1,100 trees were planted by council officers and volunteers across the four Ramsgate parks. 

Bob Porter, Acting Director of Place at Thanet District Council, said: “It has been fantastic to see this project gather momentum throughout the year. Through this collaboration with Trees for Cities, we will really start to see a difference in our parks and open spaces, for generations to come.

“Education is key for protecting our local environment. The interpretation boards will help educate all generations about birds and trees, helping us identify how each tree is different.

“The project reached a range of residents, including students from primary school to sixth form, who will benefit from the increased biodiversity in Ramsgate’s parks, and be more confident to take further action to improve their local areas.”

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