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Planning permission is required for works for the demolition of most buildings contained in a Conservation Area. Anyone wishing to demolish an unlisted building or other structure (for example, a wall) within a Conservation Area must first apply to the Local Planning Authority for Planning Permission. There is a general presumption against the demolition of buildings or structures that are within a Conservation Area and contribute to its character and appearance.


Trees form an important element of many Conservation Areas and anyone proposing to fell or carry out work on trees in a Conservation Area must give the Local Planning Authority six weeks’ notice of their intention. This enables the Local Planning Authority to make a Tree Preservation Order if the proposed work is considered not to be in the interest of the tree or of the amenity of the area in which its stands.


Article 4 Directions are a special planning regulation adopted by a Local Authority to provide additional planning controls in a particular location. The use of such Directions can be made in justified circumstances where a clear assessment of a Conservation Area has been made. Where an Article Direction has been confirmed it may withdraw certain permitted development rights for specified classes of minor alterations and extensions, such as porches, replacement of windows and doors and painting of the exterior of a building, which are set out in the Direction. The Council has Article 4 Directions in place in Ramsgate, Ramsgate Marina extension and Pegwell Conservation Areas.

Properties to which the Direction relates are shown below:

Addington Street – 85, 87

Albion Hill – 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22

Cliff Street – 2 West Cliff Mansions

Kent Place – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9

Kent Terrace – 7, 8, 9

Nelson Crescent – 19

Paragon – 9

Pegwell Road – 59, 61, 69, 71, 73, Pegwell Lodge Cottage, 1 Coastguard Cottages, 2 Coastguard Cottages, 3 Coastguard Cottages, 4 Coastguard Cottages, 5 Coastguard Cottages

Prospect Terrace – 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Rose Hill – 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, Rose Hill Cottage

York Terrace – 14

Conservation Area Date of Designation Extensions
Acol(PDF) 27/01/1988
Birchington (PDF) 02/02/1976
Broadstairs(PDF) 05/06/1970 21/10/1986

23/07/2009 North (PDF)

23/07/2009 South (PDF)

Dalby Square (PDF) 15/07/2010
Clifton Place and Grotto Gardens (PDF) 20/10/2016
Clifftop (PDF) 20/10/2016
Edgar Road and Sweyn Road(PDF) 20/10/2016
Ethelbert Road and Athelstan Road Cliftonville (PDF) 20/01/2015
Kingsgate (PDF) 13/04/1973
Margate (PDF) 07/02/1978 07/07/1994
Margate Seafront (PDF) 29/01/1997
Minster (PDF) 28/01/1972
Monkton (PDF) 22/08/1978
Norfolk Road, Warwick Road and Surrey Road (PDF) 20/10/2016
Northdown (PDF) 20/08/1985
Northdown Road (PDF) 20/10/2016
Pegwell (PDF) 29/06/1976
Ramsgate (PDF)

Ramsgate Conservation Area Leaflet (PDF)

16/01/1970 20/01/1980





Ramsgate, Royal Esplanade (PDF) 29/01/2007
Ramsgate Montefiore  (PDF) 22/02/2007
Reading Street (PDF) 13/04/1973
St Nicholas at Wade (PDF) 28/01/1972
St Peter’s (PDF) 13/04/1973
Sarre (PDF) 26/11/1971
Westgate on Sea (PDF) 11/03/1998 14/12/2006
Westgate on Sea East(PDF) 14/12/2006
Westgate on Sea South (PDF) 14/12/2006

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