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        Community groups operating in Dalby Square and the Cliftonville West ward have been very active in supporting this scheme, and in helping to promote community involvement and pride in their local area.

        Members of the Dalby Square Project Group have been active for 17 years, initially getting the renovation of the formal gardens underway.  Since then, they have overseen neighbours and local residents looking after the gardens, adding to the planting and creating wildlife areas to encourage pollinators and more birds into the gardens.

        The Project has also held outdoor community events in the gardens, working in liaison with other groups and organisations in the locality.  The land is ideal for gatherings to celebrate and enjoy special occasions such as a royal wedding, and seasonal festivals with music and games.

        The following Groups supported the designation of the Dalby Square Conservation Area and the Dalby Square THI:

        A Better Cliftonville

        The Dalby Square Project

        Margate Civic Society

        Margate Conservation Area Advisory Group

        The Futures Group, Kent Gardens Trust

        Margate Community Heritage Federation.



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