30 September, 2022

Share your views on proposed changes to our Council Tax Support Scheme

This year, Thanet District Council is considering making some changes to its existing Council Tax Support scheme. The public are invited to share their views on the changes by completing a brief survey before Monday 31 October 2022.

Council Tax Support is a discount for Council Tax. The level of discount is based on the income of the household. Each year the council has to decide whether to change the Council Tax Support scheme for working age people in its area. At the moment, the maximum discount available for working age households is 90% of Council Tax and for pensioners this is up to 100%. The changes being considered are all aimed at helping maximise the support available to residents.

The first proposed change is that in future, new applications can be backdated by three months, up from one month at present.

The second proposed change is that any income that is classed as ‘local welfare provision’ will be disregarded when calculating Council Tax Support. One example of ‘local welfare provision’ would be an Energy Rebate Scheme payment.

These changes will affect working age households* in the district who currently receive or will apply for Council Tax Support. Pension age households will not be affected as decisions on how that scheme works are made by central government. 

Cllr David Saunders, Cabinet Member for Finance said: “It’s important that we continue to review the provision in place to support the people in our district who are most in need of help. Both of the changes being proposed for the forthcoming financial year have no drawbacks for recipients of Council Tax Support. 

“I would urge anyone who is interested, to review the proposals and to give feedback on them. We don’t just want to hear from the people who may be affected by these changes. We welcome feedback from everyone who has an opinion on the matter and wants to share their views.”

How you can get involved
Local people are being invited to share what they think about the proposed changes to the scheme. People do not need to be in receipt of Council Tax Support to share their views.

Anyone wishing to share their views on the Council Tax Support scheme should do so before 5pm on Monday 31 October.

All the feedback received will be reported to councillors who will make a final decision on whether to implement the changes. If the proposed changes are made, they will take effect from 1 April 2023. 

The council will consider the impact of the scheme every year and engage again if it thinks any further changes need to be made.

*The term ‘working age’ applies to all adults who have not yet reached state pension age. 

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