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Being disturbed by a house, car or commercial premises alarm?

House and Commercial Premises Alarms

Faulty burglar alarms can cause serious noise problems. If you have an alarm on your property, it is a good idea to follow this advice:

  • Make sure the alarm has a 20 minute cut off period.
  • Install the alarm as per instructions, or have it installed by a professional alarm company and make sure you get a maintenance agreement.
  • Test the alarm from time to time
  • Ensure neighbours know who to contact if the alarm goes off or leave a key with a preferred neighbour or business.

Remember that if you are relying on your neighbours to react to the alarm when it goes off, make sure you do not annoy them with too many false alarms.

How do I report a noisy alarm?

If you are disturbed by a continually ringing alarm, the Council can silence it.

Before you call?

  • You must identify the property in which the alarm is sounding.
  • Check with the neighbours to see if they know the whereabouts of the occupants
  • Do you know where they work
  • Are they on holiday
  • Does anyone have a spare key or have a contact number for a family member.
  • Check to see if there is a number on the alarm box as sometimes the alarm company may have a service contract.

 A commercial property may have contact details displayed.

If the owner cannot be contacted and the alarm continues to sound after 20 minutes then call Thanet District Council on 01843 577000 to report it.

If this happens when the offices are closed, still call Thanet District Council and you will be given an alternative number to ring. Once the details have been received these will be passed to the Environmental Protection Team as soon as convenient.

If a key holder cannot be contacted and the alarm continues then an officer will visit to establish whether the alarm is causing a statutory nuisance. If it is, an abatement notice will be served, officers will obtain a Magistrates Warrant to enter the premises and silence or re-set the alarm.

This process can take some time to achieve depending on the time of day or night. Various experts will need to be contacted to attend and disarm the alarm and secure the property.

If you are experiencing a noise nuisance from a burglar alarm then please contact a member of the Environmental Protection Team by;

Car Alarms

Car alarms can cause a serious noise problem. A typical situation is where a vehicle has been in a residential road or car park and the owner is absent, perhaps for several days.

Once the Environmental Protection Team have been made aware of the problem we will attempt to find the owner or driver of the vehicle to advise them of the situation.

An Officer will visit the site and assess whether the alarm is causing a statutory noise nuisance. 

If the alarm is judged to be causing a statutory noise nuisance the officer may silence the alarm or have the vehicle removed to a safe area. The owner will be charged for any costs incurred in stopping a nuisance. 

If you are disturbed by a car alarm which has been repeatedly sounding then please contact a member of Environmental Health by;

The Council cannot take action against noise from car alarms in car parks (e.g. supermarkets) where each alarm only sounds for a few seconds.