Welcome to the 7th edition of Thanet District Council’s Action Against Litter newsletter.

Firstly, please let me introduce myself. My name is Darren Reed and I am the newly appointed Education Enforcement Officer. I have taken over from Lisa Collingwood, who carried out the job so well before me. Lisa has recently taken on the role of Coast and Beach manager.

A bit about me: I live locally with my wife and two sons. I grew up on the coast and served as a Royal Marine Commando before a 26 year career as a police officer with Kent Police. I also served as volunteer crew for the RNLI for 14 years at both Whitstable and Margate.

I am excited about starting my new role. I will be working closely with the local community, beach users, charities, organisations and businesses. Together, we can encourage everyone to respect, care for and preserve our beautiful coastline. I want to address anti-social behaviour from littering to unlicensed parties. As part of my role I will visit local schools and businesses to educate people about our environment and area. I hope you will support me in my venture and if you see me out and about come and say hello and have a chat!

If you have ideas for items to include in Action Against Newsletter, please email then to me at: education@thanet.gov.uk

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