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Ramsgate was designated as a Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) in April of 2017. The HAZ partnership team includes Historic England, Thanet District Council, Ramsgate Town Council, the Ramsgate Coastal Community Team and the Ramsgate Society. The team is working on a range of projects over 5 years to engage with the local community and organisations to understand what makes the heritage in Ramsgate really special, to share the findings and stories, and to protect and improve Ramsgate’s heritage for the future.


We published the Ramsgate Conservation Area Appraisal document on Monday 4 April 2022, following adoption by full Council on Thursday 31 March 2022. This is the culmination of a project to identify what should be preserved and enhanced in the Ramsgate Conservation Area, as well as proposals for its future management.

The project was funded by Historic England as part of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone, and delivered in partnership with the council. Alan Baxter Ltd produced the final report which incorporates the invaluable survey work carried out by community volunteers. A six-week public consultation was held to ensure that the viewpoints and ideas of local residents and businesses were considered.

The appraisal sets out the special historic and architectural significance of the conservation area and suggests areas for change. It also includes a chapter focusing on climate change, and is one of the first of its kind to include climate considerations and will serve as a model for other places facing similar issues. It will be used together with other planning policy documents to guide decisions on future development and will be another positive legacy of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone scheme.

You can view the final documents here:

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas exist to protect the special architectural and historic interest of a place. Their special character and appearance warrant an additional level of planning control through a conservation area designation.

Section 69.2 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 places a duty on local planning authorities to review their conservation areas in order to justify their future status, and make amendments to boundaries where considered necessary.

The Ramsgate Conservation Area Appraisal will help us better understand its character and significance and will help establish a strong basis for future management and decision making.


Historic England has carried out a series of research projects that are helping the HAZ partnership team to understand the history and heritage of Ramsgate.

The Heritage Schools Programme, funded by the Department for Education and run by Historic England, has been supporting Ramsgate schools to create learning experiences for pupils using local heritage.

The HAZ partnership was successful in bidding for a £50,000 grant from the Coastal Revival Fund. This will fund a condition survey and planting plan of Ramsgate’s nationally significant collection of Pulhamite rock gardens to help protect it for future generations.

The HAZ podcast series, created in partnership with the Ramsgate Festival of Sound, Ramsgate Radio and Historic England, aims to bring to life the HAZ research undertaken in Ramsgate, uncovering the stories and lived experience of the town and particularly its clifftop promenades and seafront. These podcasts are designed as ‘sonic trails’ / ‘sound walks’ and comprise three episodes.


Ramsgate High Street Heritage Action Zone

In May 2019, Historic England launched a new multi-million pound fund which will allow partners to find new ways to champion and revive historic high streets through the High Streets Heritage Action Zones scheme. 68 high streets across England have been selected to receive a share of the £95 million fund including Ramsgate.

  • Thanet District Council is working with Historic England to develop a delivery plan for the Ramsgate scheme and funding amounts will be confirmed late March 2020.
  • The Ramsgate scheme will run for four-years aimed at physical improvements, community engagement and cultural activities targeted towards the high street.
  • A Cultural Programme will be developed for each of the 68 high streets working with local communities and cultural organisations. The Cultural Programme is funded through the National Lottery Heritage Fund and supported by Arts Council England.

Seafront Placemaking is the final project as part of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone, focusing on Ramsgate’s seafront from West to East Cliffs and along the seafront promenades. It explores the past, present and future of the seafront, looking at the values that created it, and recording what Ramsgate seafront means to the local community today and for the future. 

A mixture of online and in person workshops, discussions and debate will take place alongside community surveys, with activities including exploring Ramsgate seafront in art, schools events, community engagement sessions and future planning workshops. 

Members of the public are invited to upload their favourite photographs of Ramsgate to a project website with interactive map.

Seafront Placemaking runs until May 2022 and will culminate with a Statement of Heritage Significance for the seafront prepared in partnership with the community. There will also be a final report which will include summary findings, recommendations and prioritised future project proposals.

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