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        Listed building checker

        There are approximately 2,500 listed buildings in Thanet; the largest concentration of listed structures in the south east of England.  A listed building can be a building, object or structure that is of historical or architectural interest.  The structures are currently added to the Statutory list by English Heritage with the approval of the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

        Details of all the listed structures in Thanet are available from Conservation and Planning Services.

        To view listed buildings in Thanet on a map, you can search by the street or postcode.

        It is also possible to find other information by searching the Kent Historic Environment Record.

        The Historic Environment Record (formerly known as the Sites and Monuments Record), is an extensive collection of information relating to Kent’s heritage. This computerised database has information on over 42,000 archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes. And also has over 5,000 archaeological reports as well as aerial photographs and historic maps.

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