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        How do you assess housing conditions in rented properties?

        The Private Sector Housing Team works with landlords and tenants to ensure the legal standards for housing are met.

        If a tenant makes a complaint about poor housing conditions, we will investigate, and if needed, require the landlord to carry out repairs or improvements.

        Examples of works which may be required include:

        • leaking roofs and gutters made weatherproof
        • missing glazing or broken windows made safe
        • dangerous electrical wiring returned to good working order
        • faulty fire alarms returned to full working order
        • adequate kitchen or bathroom facilities installed

        If landlords do not carry out the works voluntarily, the Council may serve a Notice on them and ultimately may then do the works and charge the landlords for the costs.  Landlords may be prosecuted for failing to carry out repairs after a Notice has been served on them.

        Very occasionally conditions within a house cannot be put right and so a house may have to be demolished or closed.  In these rare circumstances the Council will offer the tenants alternative accommodation.

        Houses which are in use as bedsits or long-term bed and breakfast accommodation, are known as “houses in multiple occupation” (HMO) and must meet another group of legal standards covering matters including overcrowding, sufficient bathrooms and kitchens, and fire precautions.

        Further advice

        For advice on tenancy agreement or eviction matters you may wish to speak to the council’s Housing Options Team by e-mailing or telephone 01843 577277.

        You may also wish to consult a local solicitor or contact the Citizens Advice Thanet by e-mailing, telephone 01843 225973.

        If a landlord or their agent is violent, the matter should be reported to the Police.

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