High rise blocks

Thanet District Council continues to work very closely with the Fire and Rescue Service. All of our social housing accommodation, including our tower blocks, is managed by East Kent Housing. Each property has fire risk assessment in place and any works agreed with the fire service are completed.

A number of blocks in Thanet have been over clad and we are reviewing the work that has been undertaken. We can confirm that this work did not use the same rain-screen type of system that was used at Grenfell Tower. A full review of cladding materials, where these are in place, will be carried out by East Kent Housing.

We are obviously very keen to reassure residents at what must be a worrying time for them. The team at East Kent Housing has visited residents within these properties to reassure them that the systems used were different and to restate safety advice. The safety advice given will reflect national guidance and has been agreed on a block by block basis with the fire service.

East Kent Housing has published an online fire safety update in light of the tragic events at Grenfell Tower https://www.eastkenthousing.org.uk/latest-news/high-rise-blocks/  

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