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        Latest news

        27 August, 2020

        Five playgrounds in Thanet will be refurbished as part of a project led by Thanet District Council.

        27 August, 2020

        A pop up outdoor exhibition of photographs of Ramsgate’s incredible architectural legacy, taken from Historic England’s new book Ramsgate: The Town and its Seaside Heritage, opens on 7 September.

        20 August, 2020

        Margate’s moving forward… Margate is more than just a place to live or work. It’s an iconic town, with a huge and rich historical tapestry that chimes with hundreds of thousands of people across the UK and beyond.

        20 August, 2020

        “The breakdown of seaweed is a natural part of the sulphur cycle and does not pose a problem in outdoor spaces where it just dissipates in the atmosphere.

        30 July, 2020

        The council has launched a new coastal booklet to educate beach businesses, bay inspectors and its partner agencies on current byelaws in place across Thanet’s 19 mile coastline.

        30 July, 2020

        Margate was one of 101 places given the opportunity last year by the Government to bid for funding of up to £25 million as part of the Government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund.

        24 July, 2020

        Temporary road closures and suspended parking bays were among some of the highway changes in Margate’s Old Town and Harbour Parade, Ramsgate that were introduced on Saturday 18 July, to help prevent overcrowding.

        22 July, 2020

        Cabinet members are set to discuss the possible use of the council’s reserves to meet the budget shortfall that has arisen as a result of COVID 19.

        17 July, 2020

        The council will be activating its multi-agency Beach Management Plan this weekend. The plan aims to help everyone respect, protect and enjoy the beaches and towns across Thanet, as temperatures are set to rise.

        9 July, 2020

        Thanet’s Local Plan, the framework for future growth and development in the district to 2031, has been formally adopted at its Full Council meeting on Thursday 9 July.