New PSPO for dog fouling and control comes into force

PSPO for dog fouling and control

Following Cabinet approval on Wednesday 25 October, Thanet District Council’s new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog fouling and control has now taken effect.

New signage will be erected over the coming months at all beaches and in popular dog walking areas to inform people of the conditions of the order.

Cllr Fairbrass, Cabinet member for Community Safety and Environmental Services, said:

“Dog fouling is unpleasant and unsightly for all Thanet residents and the many visitors to the area. This new PSPO has enabled the council to simplify the rules and replace old legislation to help control irresponsible dog owners who don't pick up dog faeces or control their dogs. It is another tool that the council has introduced to help keep the area clean and welcoming. It also shows that we, as a council are serious about taking action against those people who don’t pick up after their dogs.”

This is the enforcement order that is now in place for a period of three years - click on the link to download or read the order:

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