Brand new residents’ survey launches!

Thanet District Council is asking 6,000 local people to tell them what they think!

Residents have been selected at random as part of the council’s latest annual survey.

The survey covers a range of questions about the local area, the services the council provides, and how residents would like the council to keep them informed.

It also crucially asks for views on the future budget and what residents would do if a service they cared about was at risk of being cut.

Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates, Cllr John Townend, said: “It’s never been more important for local people to give us their views! Over the past four years, we’ve seen a significant reduction in funding from Central Government; some £3.6m we could have used to pay for local services. Despite this cut in funding, the council has continued to provide a range of more than 30 different services for local people.

“By 2020, it’s anticipated that there will be no Government funding to local councils. This means we have to change the way we deliver some of our services and that difficult decisions will have to be made. I’d encourage everyone selected to take just 15 minutes to tell us what they think, so we can make these tough decisions with their views in mind.”


Received a postcard? Having trouble taking part?

If you have received a postcard, but have not been able to access the survey, please check you are following the steps below:

- You are typing the website address into your internet browser, and not into your google search engine (

- Your unique reference number is made up of four letters, followed by a dash (-) and then two more letters, a number and one letter. Please be aware that some capitals ('I' or 'S') do not get mistaken as a number.

- You are not adding the asterisk (*) at the end of your unique reference number.

- If you are still having problems, please call 01843 577034 for assistance.


All responses to the survey will remain anonymous. The survey can be completed by any resident (aged 18+) living at that address, but only one survey can be completed per household.

Hard copy surveys can be made available for those selected upon request – details are provided on the postcard.

All surveys should be completed by midnight Monday 2 October. The results will be published by the council and will be used to inform its budget.

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