Thanet District Council successfully pushes for litter prosecutions

Thirty-four people who failed to pay a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for littering in Thanet have been taken to court by Thanet District Council. The prosecutions were brought in front of Canterbury Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 20 February and Tuesday 13 March.

The prosecutions, which were for non payment of FPNs for littering and spitting offences, are a clear signal of the council’s zero tolerance approach and its determination to push for further penalties in the event of non payment.

In addition to the original FPN, all offenders were issued with two further warning letters after they had missed the initial payment deadline. Taking people to court is the last resort and only happens after all communication issued has been ignored.

The council is committed to making Thanet a clean and welcoming environment and recognises the importance of enforcement in tackling litter and making the district a better place to live and visit.

Cllr Rosanna Taylor-Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Environmental Services commented: “Thanet is a beautiful place and we want to keep it that way. While litter is only dropped by a small number of people, it affects everyone. These prosecutions serve as a reminder that littering is a crime and won’t be tolerated.The message is clear - if FPN’s are unpaid, we will bring prosecutions.”

Of the 21 cases brought before the Magistrate in February, one attended and received a £40 fine as well as being ordered to pay £60 costs and a £30 victim surcharge. Two pleaded guilty by post and were fined £55 and £60 respectively, with both offenders made to pay £60 costs and a £30 victim surcharge each.

The remaining 18 did not attend and were each fined £220 with £120 costs and a victim surcharge of £30.

In March, the further 13 successful convictions for littering in Thanet saw fines of £200 with £120 costs and £50 victim surcharge administered to each offender.




Tuesday 20 February

  1. David Gill of Athelstan Road, Cliftonville attended - pleaded “Guilty” and was fined £40 with £60 costs & £30 victim surcharge.  

  2. Sean Seager of Love Lane, Margate - pleaded “Guilty” by post. Fined £55 with £60 costs & £30 victim surcharge. A collection order was made.

  3. Valeri Lyubenov of Arthur Road, Margate -pleaded “Guilty” by post. Fined £60 with £60 costs & £30 victim surcharge

The below did not attend and were found ‘Guilty’ in their absence and fined £220 with £120 costs & £30 victim surcharge.

  1. Lucy Aldous of Ethelbert Road, Cliftonville

  2. Denise Baovl of Park Place, Margate

  3. Chris Burrow of Norfolk Road, Cliftonville

  4. Sam Cable of Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, Essex

  5. Dominika Dankova of Holly Road, Ramsgate

  6. Kristina Demeterova of Athelstan Road, Cliftonville

  7. Carla Edwards of Athelstan Road, Cliftonville

  8. Johnny Hepburn of Canterbury Road, Margate

  9. Pavel Horvat of Grosvenor Place, Margate

  10. Terry Judd of Fulham Avenue, Garlinge

  11. Joanne Kean of Clifton Gardens, Cliftonville

  12. Steven Lee of North Avenue, Ramsgate

  13. Jasmine Lewis of Addington Road, Margate

  14. Ioan Maris of Longleat Way, Feltham, Middlesex

  15. Georgia Reynolds of Surrey Road, Cliftonville

  16. Jesse Robinson of Nightingale Place, Cliftonville

  17. Martyna Smieskol of Kennedy House, Newcastle Hill,Ramsgate

  18. Sam Whitfield of Meeting Court, Love Lane, Margate 


Tuesday 13 March

The below did not attend and were found ‘Guilty’ in their absence and fined £200 with £120 costs & £50 victim surcharge.

22.  Rachel Davies of King Street, Neath

23.  Muharrem Deniz of Ethelbert Square, Westgate

24.  Paul Griffiths of Victoria Parade, Ramsgate

25.  Rachel Hadlow of Bellevue Road, Ramsgate

26.  Joel Hoston of Westfield Road, Margate

27.  Elaine Kane of Crescent Road, Margate

28.  Ricky Martin of King Street, Neath

29.  Adrian Obada of Surrey Road, Cliftonville

30.  Bilal Patel of Upper Clapton Road, London E5

31.  David Taylor of Crescent Road, Ramsgate

32.  Lucy Taylor of Manor Square, Dagenham, Essex

33.  Kevin Thompson of Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate

34.  Radoslav Vano of Ramsbottom Street, Crewe, Cheshire


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