26 August, 2021

Update on next Full Council meeting

The Full Council meeting scheduled for Thursday 9 September has been cancelled.

This is on the basis that the meeting has fallen at a time during the calendar year when there are no urgent formal decisions to be made.

As the council has already received some questions for the item ‘Questions from the press and public’, the Cabinet felt it was important to still proceed with this item. As such, a separate, informal meeting will be held to answer those questions at 7pm on Thursday 9 September. The meeting will be virtual.

Members of the public who submit a question will be sent an appointment to join the virtual meeting to put their question to the Cabinet live. The meeting will be live streamed via the council’s website and will then close once the questions have been answered. The answers to the questions will be published on the council’s website.

Members of the public have until 5.30pm on Wednesday 1 September to submit a question for inclusion in the meeting via the following link. 

The next Full Council meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday 14 October at 7pm.

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