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        Members of the press and residents of Thanet can ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council; the exceptions being the annual council meeting, the annual budget-setting meeting (usually at the beginning of February) and extraordinary meetings.

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        Date of ordinary meeting of councilTime by which your question should be received
        Thursday, 9 December 20215.30pm, Wednesday 1 December 2021
        Thursday, 10 February 2021 (Budget)No opportunity to ask questions.
        Thursday, 24 February 20225.30pm, Wednesday 16 February 2022
        Thursday, 31 March 20225.30pm, Wednesday 23 March 2022


        Further information

        Summary of Questions asked at the Council meeting on 14.10.2021


        Questions from Councillors

        Question from Cllr Yates to Cllr Pugh

        Does Councillor Pugh agree with me that following raw sewage being dumped along Thanet’s coastline that it is worrying that Southern Water have been unable to confirm in writing that the permitted pumping speeds required at Margate pumping station (809 litres per second) have been met over the past couple of years?


        To follow after the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Albon to Cllr Pugh

        Can you please tell me why no safety buoys were located off and along the main beaches to protect swimmers and beach users from jet skis etc, in accordance with the Council approved beach action plan.


        To follow after the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Bailey to Cllr Jill Bayford

        I have become increasingly aware of the plight of people trying desperately to find a place to rent in Thanet. I even know of a lady in her eighties in a desperate situation who has been issued a Section 21 notice but cannot find anywhere to rent so is temporarily staying with her brother. 

        There currently seems to be a real issue around the lack of available rental property and this unavailability seems to be exacerbated, at least in part, by the proliferation of AirBnBs.

        A shortage of rental properties will also put more pressure on this Authority in terms of having to find additional temporary accommodation to house people so this is a serious problem that has ramifications for the Council.

        I would like to ask, what is this council doing, or what power does it have – perhaps through the review of the Local Plan, to address this issue?

        Do we actually know how many Airbnbs there are in the district?

        Is there a local requirement to register Airbnbs with this authority? If not, should there be?


        To follow after the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Austin to Cllr Jill Bayford

        At a recent drop-in session, the Director of Housing & Planning highlighted the current pressures on affordable housing in Thanet occasioned by rapidly rising private sector rents, the reduced number of properties available for rent and the very modest number of new properties we as a Council have been building each year.

        What strategies is Cabinet adopting to address these issues – and in particular, to increase the number of Council-owned properties available for rent? 


        To follow after the meeting.


        Questions from Members of the Public

        Question from Mr Thompson to Cllr Bob Bayford

        I was somewhat dismayed that when booking, online, for a clinical waste collection that the next available date is some three months hence. Is this the new council policy, a collection every three months, if so, it smacks as discrimination? As a disabled person I am used to receiving less favourable treatment, but not from my local council. The household waste collection is every two weeks, the garden waste is collected every two weeks, do not users of the clinical waste collection service deserve to be treated in a likewise manner, with at very least, a bi-weekly collection, Other councils supply a weekly service with and collections can be booked up until two day before collection day.

        For example:

        Dover: Weekly collections take place on the following days:

        Dover – Tuesday 

        Deal – Tuesday 

        Sandwich Tuesday 

        Rural and other areas – Friday 


        To follow after the meeting.


        Question from Ms Kimber to Cllr Kup

        Swimming is important to young children for exercise and, with Thanet’s extensive coastline, for their safety.

        All Baby and Pre-School swimming lessons at the pools managed by Your Leisure are now exclusively provided by a private organisation (Puddle Ducks).

        These can be much more expensive than those offered directly by Your Leisure for older children, at £15 per lesson for Puddle Ducks.

        Could the council explain why such an exclusive agreement was made, and how it is in the best interests of Thanet’s children?


        To follow after the meeting.


        Question from Mr Randles to Cllr David Saunders

        What is TDC doing to value and protect new and existing hospitality and music venues from complaints, the likes of which see such establishments shut down in order to appease a minority of residents who choose to live next to or within buildings and areas of high and historic cultural, artistic and economic importance?

        Further, has TDC considered following the City of Liverpool and others in adopting Agent of Change or sought to apply Deed of Easements to venues that would warrant it.


        To follow after the meeting.


        Question from Ms Shotton to Cllr Kup

        It is increasingly apparent that we are heading for a humanitarian disaster this winter for our vulnerable Travellers’ Community currently housed at Ramsgate Port, unless a permanent, safe, suitable site is identified for them by TDC, as required under the Housing Act 2004 and its attendant regulations.   

        Under the Human Rights legislation access to regular health care and settled schooling are among the primary entitlements of these families.   At present lacking the most basic requirements, such as access to toileting facilities, their situation is one of which we should all feel ashamed. 

        Can you report what urgent action is being taken by officers to identify sites and move this most important project forward so that these families, among the most disadvantaged of our Thanet community, can access the health care, mental health support and education they so desperately need.


        To follow after the meeting.


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