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Please make sure you have read through the guidance below before submitting your question.

A question can also be posted to: the Committee Services Manager, Council Offices, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT10 1XZ

Members of the press and residents of Thanet can ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council; the exceptions being the annual council meeting, the annual budget-setting meeting (usually at the beginning of February) and extraordinary meetings.

A question must be submitted by the person who will ask the question at the Council meeting and not someone else on the questioner’s behalf.  You can submit a question by clicking on the date of the meeting in the table below.

Upcoming meetings and dates by which your questions should be submitted

The Committee Services Manager must receive your question at least five full working days before the date of the meeting. Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays do not count as ‘working days’.

Date of ordinary meeting of council Time by which your question should be received
Thursday, 30 March 2023 5.30pm, Wednesday 22 March 2023
Thursday, 13 July 2023 5.30pm, Wednesday 5 July 2023


Further information

Summary of Questions and Responses at the  Council meeting of  23 February 2023


Questions from Councillors 


Question from Cllr Rawf to Cllr Robert Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects

“Now that the Summer season has finished will the council consider to move some of the recycling bins from the seafront to the parks and open spaces”.



Response to follow


Question from Cllr Wing to Cllr Pugh, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development

‘The old Western Undercliff Cafe and Westcliff Hall sites remain a blight on the town of Ramsgate since they were sold at auction a number of years ago. Plans for the Western Undercliff Cafe were approved sometime back and the last information concerning the Westcliff Hall, again a number of years ago, was that there had been some pre-application talks with TDC Planning. Please could we have an update on where these developments are?’


Response to follow.

Question from Cllr Scott to Cllr Ashbee, Leader of the Council

‘Are Thanet District Council going to respond to the NPPF consultation and when will you publish the response?’



Response to follow.


Question from Cllr Everitt to Cllr David Saunders, Cabinet Member for Finance

We all agreed a fortnight ago that the state of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour car park is disgusting. Can I tonight press the cabinet member on the question of whether the lack of working lifts is dangerous?

“What is his advice to customers unable to navigate the stairs for physical or practical reasons but who cannot find a space to park on the ground floor. 

“Is he confident that the present arrangements, which require them to use the vehicle ramps to move between floors, are safe, and if not what is he doing about it?”


Response to follow.

Question from Cllr Braidwood to Cllr Ashbee, Leader of the Council

‘Thanet’s local plan has been written using data from the government’s faulty algorithm. In light of this what is this Council doing to cease any further planning applications and developments currently in the local plan’


Response to follow.


Question from Cllr Smith to Cllr Ashbee, Leader of the Council

‘Events of the last few months have demonstrated that Southern Water is currently unable to provide a reliable supply of drinking water to homes and businesses across Thanet.

Recent incidents have included multiple water ‘outages’ with inadequate compensation and scant regard for the needs of their most vulnerable customers. 

Does the Leader agree with me that it is irresponsible for TDC to continue to approve any further large housing developments in the District until Southern Water has completed upgrading its infrastructure and is able to demonstrate a water supply that is fit for purpose?’


Response to follow.



Questions from Members of the Public

Question from Ms Bright to Cllr Bob Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects

‘The absence of a street cleaner in Beacon Road Ward is evident. Residents complain of paths covered in leaf mulch, broken glass  and dog waste that can make simple journeys hazardous, especially for those with mobility issues. Street cleaners are visible in more commercial areas but we need them in residential areas too. It is not right that people are forced to walk in the roads because pavements have not been cleaned. Furthermore,  the removal of dog waste bins next to our alleyways has meant piles of dog waste bags have been left where the bins once were.  What plans do the council have to urgently clean up the streets in my ward?’


Response to follow.

Question from Mr Woodward to Cllr Ashbee, Leader of the Council

‘With the Isle of Thanets top quality food producing farmland under catastrophic threat from over development why did Thanet District Council decide to continue activity with a second call for sites whilst the local plan was paused?’


Response to follow.


Question from Ms McCourt to Cllr Ashbee, Leader of the Council

‘In light of the current consultation regarding the Levelling up and Regeneration Bill: reforms to national planning policy, part of the reforms include the need to: 

“make sure that food security considerations are factored into planning decisions that affect farmland”

How does TDC intend to address this issue NOW, rather than ‘wait’ for Government responses to correspondence already sent, which does not even address this issue of ‘losing our fertile farmland’?


Response to follow.



  • You must give your name and address. Your address will only be used to identify that you are a Thanet resident entitled to ask a question at a council meeting.
  • Your question must not be more than one hundred and fifty words.
  • You must give the name of the Cabinet Member your question is for. To find out which Cabinet Member you should ask, please click on cabinet posts.
  • Please check the summary of questions asked at past meetings via the link below to make sure your question or a similar question has not been asked within the last 6 months.
  • Please view  Speaking at Council meetings – Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
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Thursday, 10 December 2020
Thursday, 25 February 2021
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Thursday, 23 February 2023


Questions from earlier Council meetings can be found in our archive.



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