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        Members of the press and residents of Thanet can ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council; the exceptions being the annual council meeting, the annual budget-setting meeting (usually at the beginning of February) and extraordinary meetings.

        A question must be submitted by the person who will ask the question at the Council meeting and not someone else on the questioner’s behalf.  You can submit a question by clicking on the date of the meeting in the table below.

        Upcoming meetings and dates by which your questions should be submitted

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        Date of ordinary meeting of councilTime by which your question should be received
        Thursday, 3 June 20215.30pm, Wednesday, 26 May 2021
        Thursday, 15 July 20215.30pm, Wednesday, 7 July 2021
        Thursday, 9 September 20215.30pm, Wednesday 1 September 2021
        Thursday, 14 October 20215.30pm, Wednesday 6 October 2021
        Thursday, 9 December 20215.30pm, Wednesday 1 December 2021
        Thursday, 10 February 2021 (Budget)No opportunity to ask questions.
        Thursday, 24 February 20225.30pm, Wednesday 16 February 2022
        Thursday, 31 March 20225.30pm, Wednesday 23 March 2022


        Further information

        Summary of Questions to be asked at the Council meeting of 

        15 July 2021


        Questions from Councillors 


        Question from Cllr Gregory to Cllr Kup

        Thanet has the 4th worse GP shortage in England which nationally has 100,000 Health care professional vacancies. Services may be reduced at QEQM following the 2016 STP proposals. With new huge housing developments currently planned, what is being done to improve recruitment & retention of HCPs & critically to halt the closures of vital services at QEQM?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Bailey to Cllr Kup

        On warm summer evenings locals and visitors enjoy sitting or walking along the seafront until last light.

        However, many are often ‘caught short’ because our public toilets are closed.

        This can have grim consequences. I have received several reports of people urinating, and worse, in public spaces and have recently had to request that the street cleansing team jet wash a shelter on the clifftop which had human excrement in it. 

        According to their websites Dover, Deal, Herne Bay & Hastings have at least one toilet facility open until 9.00pm, Brighton, Hove and Bournemouth until 10.00pm and Whitstable even has some toilets open 24 hours.

        According to our website the latest any Thanet toilet is open is 8.00pm however, in practice they are often closed even earlier.

        If other authorities have toilet facilities available later in the evening can’t we?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Everitt to the Leader

        When the leader stood for election to this council in 2015, she and her then party pledged to reduce the number of new homes envisaged in the emerging Thanet local plan from approximately 12,000. Her party won the election, but the number of homes went up to approximately 17,000 by 2018. Now that many of our residents are so angry about the adopted plan allocating so much Thanet farmland for housing development, who does she think they should hold responsible?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Austin to Cllr R Bayford

        Domestic rubbish and recycling are regularly spread all over our streets by high winds and seagulls.  Domestic bins with missing lids and the use of open recycling boxes for flats make this problem much worse.

        On the TDC website, our policy on replacement domestic bin lids reads:

        ‘The council will repair any containers that become damaged or un-serviceable as a result of the collection process, as soon as reasonably practicable and free of charge. Residents will need to report this type of damage to us.’

        Could you please tell me:

        •       How many households are currently waiting for replacement bin lids?
        •       How long residents typically wait for such replacements?
        •       Whether the Council has done a cost-benefit analysis on:

          –  moving to closed recycling containers for flats?

        –  doing a blitz on replacements & repairs to reduce the extra work windblown waste creates for street cleansing teams and for longsuffering litter-picking volunteers?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Cllr Farrance to Cllr J Bayford

        The Local Plan requires over 17,000 homes to be built in Thanet, mainly on our precious farmland. There are 5,517 empty homes in Thanet, and 517 empty commercial properties.

        Given that there are a variety of reasons for empty homes, could the Cabinet Member please give a breakdown of the number of empty homes in each category, and explain what TDC is doing to encourage the owners in each category to return these empty homes to much-needed occupation. Which would surely mean that less farmland would be required for building.



        To be added following the meeting.


        Questions from a Member of the Public


        Question from Mr Green to The Leader

        The SoS has posed questions to assist him in remaking his decision regarding RSP’s DCO application. As a statutory consultee, and the local planning authority, TDC has a duty to respond. In particular could the Leader ensure that the SoS is made aware of relevant aspects of the adopted Local Plan: 1. the detail of SP07 and paras1.38 & 1.39 which state that the site is safeguarded for aviation pending only until the outcome of the DCO. 2. those aspects of the plan that are affected by the DCO decision including the distribution of future housing sites between green and brownfield, and the impact on the aspirations for Ramsgate including the historic environment and expanding visitor economy.  

        Could the Leader ensure that TDC professional officers do reply and that their response is published to inform local residents that may also wish to respond later in the consultation.



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Ms Benedict  to The Leader

        Will this new administration, like the last, confirm that they will robustly defend the enforcement order, issued by this council, for the replanting of the trees in Park Avenue Broadstairs, and that you will resist any planning application for this site, and support this site becoming a designated green space in the revised Local Plan?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Mr Dickman to The Leader

        Given the recent incidents of contamination to our beaches, and the disastrous effect that it could have had to our local economy, had it been in the height of the season, should the Council consider removing the land on the slopes either side of the Tivoli Brook from the local plan.

        If we have increased surface water from new homes on the slopes, taking nitrates and chemicals into the brook and therefore into the bay at Margate main sands, we run the risk of decimating our economy.

        The recent contamination along our coast begs the question; when we have an old and fragile sewage system, will it cope with an extra 17,000 houses, and if not, is the Council prepared for the devastation to our tourist economy and will they pay reparation to any businesses adversely effected during this fragile time?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Mr  Knibb to Cllr J Bayford

        How much of the land currently being proposed for development adjacent to the Shottendane and Manston Roads does Thanet District Council own?



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Ms Bevan to Cllr  Pugh

        Could the Council please give consideration to the installation of a shower(s) at Dumpton Gap beach? There is already an existing tap where the beach huts are located so this may be a suitable area? The beach is used regularly by groups for wild swimming, dog walking, and families using this safe beach. The tap is not suitable for washing off sand from adults and children and being able to shower off the sea water and sand would be beneficial to all especially as there is a  Cafe and beach huts. Research has shown the importance of showering after sea bathing to wash off harmful microbes which indicates the necessity for a shower.



        To be added following the meeting.


        Question from Ms Wells to the Leader

        You will be aware of the strength of public concern regarding the Planned housing development on  Westgate and Garlinge farmland. 

        The fact that this land is included in the local plan makes any public challenge to this difficult.

        There is a current review of the local plan .  The councils  published local development scheme states that a review of housing  requirements and climate change matters forms part of the work program.

        Why is this currently a closed process? 

        At what stage will there be Involvement of consultees in particular Westgate town council? 

        At what stage will there be public consultation?

        What are the time scales for progressing to conclusion?



        To be added following the meeting.


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