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Trade Waste

Trade Waste

The law requires that all waste generated by a business or commercial operation is dealt with properly. As a business owner you are responsible for the proper containment and collection of all business waste, in order to comply with the "duty of care" (Reference Environmental Protection Act 1990). 

Simple rules for you to follow:

  • All your commercial waste must be removed by a licensed waste carrier.
  • You must check that the company employed to remove waste from your premises is licensed to do so, ask for proof if the company cannot provide it, do not use them.
  • You can check if any company is registered by contacting the local Environment Agency office, which is situated near Canterbury.

If your business waste is found to be illegally dumped anywhere, you could be prosecuted and on summary conviction, could face a fine of up to £20,000 or six months in jail. 

Reputable companies will prove they are licensed and provide you with a waste transfer note, detailing the type and quantity of waste removed. 

Council officers are authorised to check trade waste collection arrangements, you are advised to keep all transfer notes, receipts and other documents available. 

Illegal carriers are more likely to fly-tip your waste. If you know of any operating, or any illegally dumping, or are approached by one offering a trade waste collection service, please contact 

As with all legal proceedings we will require evidence, we will require witnesses details and a formal statement of events, therefore anonymous calls cannot be taken.