Mechanical Sweeper Rounds

  • Mechanical Sweeper Rounds

‘Barry the Bin’ designed by Bella Rowe, age 10 and a pupil at St Lawrence College, and ‘Mr Trasher’ designed by Scott Rooney, age 6, a pupil at Cliftonville Primary School, are now a permanent fixture on each side of our four sweepers, which are now cleaning the streets across the district.

The road sweepers, which began their rounds on Monday 30 January, are tasked with covering the district’s roads and pavements. Manned by four trained drivers, their routes divide the Isle into 4 segments so that as many of the streets and pavements as possible can be covered in a four weekly cycle.

The sweepers have state-of-the-art specification, including wide-reaching front sweeper brushes for deeper cleaning. Inside the sweeper, an on-board screen helps drivers monitor the waste pick-up via an external camera. Finally, the compact-size of the sweepers allows access to narrow roads, whilst its four wheels can all turn together for optimum manoeuvrability.

Resident's can now check when a sweeper is due to clean their road, by clicking on one of the sweeper rounds below:

Sweeper rounds from the 31st July 2017

Over the coming weeks we will be developing a more interactive map and post code look up service to make it easier for residents to check when the sweeper will be in their area.