Green Campus

As part of the Green Port element of the awarded Levelling Up Fund, a new Green Campus will create spaces for training,
enterprise and light industry along Military Road, Ramsgate.

Jan Kattein Architects have been appointed to develop initial design ideas for the Green Campus and have established an initial concept for the Green Campus using input from various existing and potential stakeholders and precedents.

The core of the Green Campus will be centred around a sociable, south-facing courtyard to foster collaboration and interchange.

At the north of the site, a 2-3 storey volume housing training and seminar spaces and a communal canteen addresses Military Road, overlooks a small arrival yard at the northeast corner, and controls entrance to the rear yard, which is sheltered from the prevailing southwest wind.

Two ‘terraces’ of workspace line the east and west sides of the courtyard. Based on a consistent module, these can be combined to create larger footprint units for anchor tenants. Loading bays along the eastern terrace provide service access to these units, with vehicle traffic
excluded from the central courtyard.

First floor units are individually accessed via external walkways, minimising the extent of fully enclosed common areas.

The Green Campus will be a self-sufficient destination for enterprise and skills development. At the same time, its arrangement establishes an open, flexible core to attract future investment and expansion.

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