Strategic housing new developments phase 2


The health pandemic has affected progress on our building sites.  We expect an approximate delay of up to 12 weeks to our programmed finishing dates.  This is due to work stopping altogether for a time, then reduced working to comply with social distancing requirements.   The council is also experiencing delays in obtaining materials to sites.  We are working closely with our partner organisations to reduce delays as much as possible, and to keep to our planned programmes.  We are keen to finish these new properties for people in need of affordable homes as soon as we possibly can.

Phase 2 Ramsgate

Phase 2 is a £2.5million redevelopment of 3 sites within the established residential area of Ramsgate. The redevelopment provides 14 units on parcels of land currently or historically providing blocks of garages. These are a mixture of flats, houses and bungalows.

All homes meet Lifetime Homes standards; a set of principles applied to general needs housing to provide accessible and convenient accommodation for a wide range of the population, from households with young children to older people, and individuals with temporary or permanent physical or sensory impairment.

This land was used for parking, and has been developed to provide two family houses and one bungalow suitable for a wheelchair user.

Scheme mix

Let at Affordable Rent.

2 x 2 bed (3 person) houses

1 x 2 bed (4 person) bungalow (wheelchair standard unit)

The wheelchair standard unit – 2 bed (4 person) bungalow, has a paved courtyard and is suited to the occupiers’ specific needs, ensuring inclusive space provision and wheelchair fittings.


This infill site has been developed to provide one family house, and one bungalow for two people.

Scheme mix

Let at Affordable Rent.

1 x 2 bed (3 person) house

1 x 1 bed (2 person) bungalow

This redevelopment provides much-needed housing in this residential area.


The site has full planning consent F/TH/16/1709 for one 4-bedroom, 6 person semi-detached dwelling, Seven 3-bedroom, 5 persons semi-detached dwellings and one 3-bedroom, 5 person wheelchair standard house.

Scheme mix

Affordable Rent

1 x 4 bed (6 person) house

7 x 3 bed (5 person) houses

1 x 3 bed (5 person) wheelchair standard house

The redevelopment will provide much needed housing including a wheelchair standard unit on this previously under-used parking and garage site.

The wheelchair standard unit – 3 bed (5 person) house will have parking, a paved courtyard and will suit the occupiers’ specific needs ensuring inclusive space provision and wheelchair fittings.

Garages on the site were demolished, and construction is nearing completion.


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