Project Updates

The Thanet Community Safety Partnership work on a number of projects, many of which can be located in the Community Safety Plan.  

Some of the projects successfully delivered include:

A 'Loan Shark' week was held from 20th - 24th May 2013 to raise awareness of the dangers of using them and ways to avoid.  Numerous activities were carried out, including a stand at Margate gateway, training to school family liaison officers, visiting businesses in the Cliftonville area, and hosting a stand at Broadstairs Asda and Margate Morrisons.  With a planned  follow up week of activities 20th - 24th January 2014.

Kent Police working in partnership with Oasis Domestic Abuse Service over the Christmas period by crewing a dedicated Domestic Abuse response vehicle, ensuring that full support and advice was given to victims of Domestic Abuse and that reported abuse was dealt with promptly and efficiently.  

Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) signage erected in key street drinking locations, and dispersal area successfully applied for in Leopold Street Car Park, Ramsgate.  These give police wider powers to tackle the issue of street drinking in the district.

A burglary awareness project was instigated to raise awareness of the risk of burglary during the summer months of 2013. A tactic of this included placing balloons and information leaflets through open windows of properties that would leave them vulnerable to becoming a victim of a crime.  This has resulted in 31 balloons being delivered, 36 homes given advice regarding security and 100 streets patrolled with 64 streets revisited.