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        Thanet Community Safety Partnership

        In 1998 it was identified by the then government that in order to effectively tackle crime and disorder agencies needed to work together to tackle identified issues collectively. Community Safety Partnership’s (CSP’s) formerly Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRP’s) were set up to be the conduit between different agencies and organisations both statutory and voluntary.

        We produce an annual Community Safety Plan which sets out the themes for the partnership.

        For 2018-19, Thanet Community Safety Partnership is proposing to centre our work around the following three themes:

        • Reducing offending and re-offending
        • Safeguarding our most vulnerable people 
        • Improving community confidence and agency collaboration

        The themes will have particular areas of focus such as domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour, gangs & exploitation, violent crime, organised crime & counter terrorism which all cut across the themes. The partnership plan aims to be more flexible & responsive to emerging issues using a range of methods to analyse statistics, pick up on real time information & take feedback from residents.

        Please browse the information below to find out about the work we do and how you can get involved and have your say in helping to make your community a safer place to live and work.

        When and where can I attend a Neighbourhood Engagement Meeting?

        The partnership delivers Neighbourhood Engagement Meetings (NEM) to identify the issues around crime and anti social behaviour that matter most to residents in our local communities.

        The NEM meeting is attended by police sergeants and PCSOs for that area and district council representatives. Members of the community are free to pose questions or make observations about their area, even down to street level.

        The district is divided into North, East, South and West geographical areas – with those living in more rural areas attending whichever location is closest and most relevant to them.

        The next meeting dates and locations are:


        • 22nd May 2018. 7pm, Trinity Resource Centre, CT9 3TN 
        • 14th August 2018. 7pm, Trinity Resource Centre, CT9 3TN 
        • 20th November 2018. 7pm, Trinity Resource Centre, CT9 3TN 

        Monkton to Ramsgate

        • 15th May 2018 – 7pm – Comfort Inn, Victoria Parade, East Cliff, Ramsgate, CT11 8DT
        • 21st August 2018 7pm – Glo-Gen Hub, Hardres Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8QP
        • 13th November 2018 7pm – Newington Community Centre, Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate, CT12 6HX

        Broadstairs & St Peters

        • 10th July 2018 – 7pm – Queens Road Baptist Church, Queens Road, Broadstairs.
        • 223rd October 2018 – Memorial Hall, High Street, St Peter’s
        • 22nd January 2018 – 7pm – Queens Road Baptist Church, Queens Road, Broadstairs.

        St Nicholas to Westbrook

        • 2nd May 2018 – 6.30pm – Garlinge Primary School, Westfield Rd. CT9 5PA
        • 1st August 2018 – 6.00pm  – The Centre, Alpha Road, Birchington
        • 07th November 2018 – 6.30pm – Garlinge Primary School, Westfield Rd. CT9 5PA

        Who are the partner organisations you work with?

        TCSP works with the below agencies as well as many others on a regular basis. For more information, or to contact an agency, use the links below or use the telephone numbers provided.

        Our main statutory partners are:

        We also work closely with:


        What is the Community Trigger/ASB Case Review?

        The Community Trigger/ ASB Case Review is a process which allows members of the community to ask the Community Safety Partnership to review their responses to complaints of anti-social behaviour.

        Apply for a Community Trigger/ASB Case review


        Is there funding available to tackle community safety issues in my area?

        We are always interested in speaking to community groups delivering projects relevant to community safety and can potentially assist in financially contributing.

        We also work with a large number of public and private sector partners as well as voluntary and community groups to collectively implement and deliver initiatives that will help all areas of Thanet become a safe place to live, work and visit.

        If you are part of a community organisation and are inrterested in discussing how we can potentially support your project:

        Contact Thanet District Council’s Community Safety Team email:



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