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        Family history searches

        Thanet crematorium opened in May 1966 and holds records for all services which have taken place here from May 1966 to the current day.

        St John’s Cemetery in Manston Road, Margate opened in November 1856 and holds records for all burials which have taken place here since this date to the current day.

        Ramsgate Cemetery opened in March 1871 and holds records for all burials which have taken place here since March 1871 to the current day.

        When searching for cremation records you will need to know:-

        • The deceased person’s first name and surname at the time of death
        • The year in which they died or the approximate year of death

        It may be useful to include any other details you may have such as the deceased’s last address or their age to verify any records found.

        To begin your search, please email

        Please note there is a charge for this service

        If you are planning to visit the office (at Thanet Crematorium) to research this information, please call us in advance on 01843 577333 to ensure a member of staff is available to assist you.

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