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Due to operational issues we are unable to carry out the Green waste service today, we will be carrying out the collections on Saturday 19th October. | October 18, 10:17 am


        Planning policy

        Information & guidance

        Local Plan intervention

        Correspondence between the Secretary of State for Housing and the Council Leader relating to the Local Plan intervention

        Local development scheme

        This is the Council's timetable for the Local Plan and related documents

        Monitoring information

        View the Council's Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs) and links to other information, including The Housing Delivery Test.

        Evidence base

        Includes a range of Local Plan studies and other evidence on a variety of topics, such as housing, transport and economy.

        Brownfield land register

        View the brownfield land register information for Thanet

        Statement of community involvement

        The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how the Council will involve people in the planning process.

        Self-build and custom build housing

        View Self-build and Custom build housing information

        Heritage strategy

        The Council is preparing a Heritage Strategy for the area.

        Supplementary planning documents

        Includes various Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and other planning guidance.

        Manston Airport

        Information about Manston Airport.

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