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Are you confused about what plastics to recycle?

Pledge2Recycle Plastics is working with all Kent Councils to help reduce that confusion.

The charity, which works to educate and advise citizens, has a dedicated website for Kent www.pledge2recycle.co.uk/kent which includes competitions for communities and general recycling guidance.

Did you know you can recycle ALL bottles whether from the bathroom and kitchen as well as plastic packaging in the form of a pot, tub or tray.

All bottles should be empty when placed for recycling with the tops back on. Pots, tubs and trays should have the absorbent layer and film lid removed as these need to go into general waste.

Please DO NOT PUT toothpaste tubes, pill packs, nappies, textiles, batteries and food into recycling. You should take carrier bags, bread bags and empty frozen veg packets, to your local supermarket front of store collection please check at www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling.

It is important that all recycling is kept clean, dry and loose and NOT in any carrier or black bags as these cannot be opened at the recycling centre.

The team at Pledge2Recycle is happy to take your queries you will find them @pledge2recycle or e-mail Amanda.bakewell@recoup.org

Accidents and illness can be caused by litter;

  • Large items and fly-tipping can cause road accidents
  • Cigarette butts can burn you or cause fire and have nasty chemicals
  • Broken glass and sharp objects can cause injury
  • Germs, bacteria and viruses live on litter
  • It’s illegal and will cost you in fines or prison
  • Looks nasty
  • Attracts vermin and pests and vermin carries disease
  • Litter kills plants, animals, fish and marine life
  • Spoils all water quality
  • Smelly and dirty and attracts flies
  • Costly, damages economy
  • Makes us feel uncomfortable, unhappy, ashamed with low self esteem and pride

What to do?

Our message to you all – Have Pride, Stop Littering, Pick it up, Report offences, Use bins!

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