Government Acre

Address: Government Acre, Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate CT11 0HE


Public Transport

  • Bus Route-Thanet Loop 
  • Ramsgate Train Station  20 minute walk from Ramsgate Harbour


Site Description

Large green open space, some hedges offer protection from coastal wind. Coastal views with cliff top. Promenade along its length. Large grassed area with a raised hump/bump in the middle almost creating two site areas. Very open and therefore can be a very windy location however, part of the site is surrounded by hedges on the Seaward side that offers some protection from the wind.


Site Area: 9,291.1m²


Size of Event

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Types of Event

  • Enthusiast
  • Charity
  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Active Recreational
  • Fun Fairs



  • Electricity: None
  • Water: Yes
  • Toilets: Located at Screaming alley for opening times please see here.
  • Parking: Two lane road along Royal Esplanade
  • Concessionaire: Look out Cafe



Look Out Café need to be consulted on food concessions. Leaflet drop required by Event Organiser to residents. Grass can be affected by the usage. Events will be spaced out with two/three weeks in between enabling the surface to recover.  If it is a wet season, an event organiser maybe given two weeks’ notice from TDC that they will not be able to use the site. Therefore event organisers will need to have a contingency plan for relocating their event in the circumstance of adverse conditions. 


Event History: Lark in the Park, 1o km runs, Dog Shows, Ramsgate Carnival, Lark in the Park, It’s a Knock Out, Sprint Revival. 

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