How to apply for an allotment

        Margate Allotments

        Brooke Avenue Garlinge, Dane Valley, Nash Rd and Tivoli Rd.

        The cost of an allotment is £4.38 per 25 square metres and a £27.18 minimum charge is applied.  Water is charged at £1 per 25 Square metres.

        The average size of a plot is 250 sq metres although these can be divided down into a half plot of 125 sq metres if required depending on availability.

        To be included on the waiting list for the Margate allotments, you must be a Margate resident.

        To be added to the waiting list for Margate allotments, please supply; your full name, address and contact telephone number, stating which of the above sites would best suit your needs, in writing to:

        Allotments Officer,
        Thanet District Council,
        PO Box 9, Cecil Street,
        Margate, CT9 1XZ

        Birchington Allotments

        Allotments at Quex Park, Brunswick Rd. please contact Birchington Parish Council on 01843 841107

        Broadstairs Allotments

        Allotments at Norman Rd and Prospect Rd. Please contact Broadstairs Town Council on 01843 868718

        Ramsgate Allotments

        Allotments at Chilton Lane, Jackey Bakers, (Stirling Way, Cemetery Gates, Cecilia Rd), Margate Rd please contact Ramsgate Town Council on 01843 598751

        Westgate Allotments

        Allotments at Lymington Road please contact Westgate Town Council on 01843 834252

        Allotment Policy

        Download the Allotment Policy 2013-19 (PDF 532kb)

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