Athelstan Road Property One

Principle of Development

This property was purchased by Thanet District council in September 2013. It was previously used as four privately rented two bedroom flats.   It was a centre of anti-social behaviour and caused many issues to adjoining and surrounding neighbours.  The property was also left empty for some time making it increasingly attractive to squatters and criminal activity.

Character and appearance

The Cliftonville area comprises of a variety of homes, with rich character and high standards of design making it a fine example of historic seaside architecture.

The building is a Victorian four storey semi-detached property, which also includes a large lower ground floor.  When originally built it would have been used as one family house.

Living Conditions

The reduced number of residential units will result in improved living conditions of neighbouring and surrounding properties due to a reduced number of movements to and from the site, and reduced noise and disturbance.  The property will also be managed by East Kent Housing, our managing agents who will offer training to the tenants which will encourage them to become good neighbours and tenants and also monitor them regularly.

Renovation work

The four two-bed flats have been converted into two three-bedroom maisonettes.  The renovation works were completed in September 2016.

Works undertaken by Standage & Co Ltd included:

  • New internal layout
  • New windows
  • New kitchens and bathrooms
  • New roof
  • Full insulation
  • New outside amenity areas.

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