Consultation Community Safety Partnership

Thanet Community Safety Partnership is the collective name for your local crime and disorder agencies that work together to help improve community safety. This includes Thanet District Council, Kent County Council, Kent Police, Clinical Commissioning (Health), Kent Fire and Rescue Service and Probation Services. Each year we ask you for your views and feedback before setting our areas of work for the next year.

Every year, Thanet Community Safety Partnership (TCSP) identifies areas for the partnership to target their work around.The Community Safety Partnership Plan for 2017-2020 agreed to focus on ensuring all agencies work jointly to tackle issues under the following three themes:-:

– Reducing Offending and Re-offending – work to target the drivers of crime and disrupt those offenders that cause the most harm to communities.

– Safeguarding Vulnerability – working to support those individuals and communities who are in greatest need.

– Community Reassurance – strengthening communities to have greater resilience and ensure ensure greater transparency.

Every year, Thanet Community Safety Partnership (TCSP) forms an action plan to sit under those themes, based on contextual agency information, a review of available data and the views of stakeholders. These actions will look to jointly tackle areas such as domestic abuse and violent crime, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse, alcohol related disorder and mental health, which all cut across the areas of work.

This consultation closed on the 28 February 2018

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