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        New or replacement bins

        Any resident, property owner or developer who requires a new recycling or waste bin will need to purchase them directly from the council*. This includes bins for new properties or where current bins have been lost or damaged by the resident.

        Replacement recycling and waste bins can be ordered over the phone using a credit or debit card, or in person using card or cash in The Gateway, Cecil Street, Margate.

        If your bin is damaged, please consider whether it could be repaired before purchasing a new one.  Please note the council can repair lids and wheels on your wheeled bins free of charge.

        To purchase a new bin or to request a bin repair, please contact our customer services team on 01843 577115.

        Only one black lidded bin for waste is allowed per property (unless there are five or more permanent residents); any extra black bins will not be collected. 180 litre bins are the only size issued for general waste for standard domestic properties. Extra recycling bins, however, will be collected as long as they are correctly used and presented on collection day.

        Bins for new developments

        From 1st May 2015, developers in Thanet are required to ensure that appropriate waste storage facilities and containers are in place before residents occupy a property.

        Please read the guidance for developers regarding what type of container is required for each type of property before purchasing containers.


        Bin Type


        Black 180ltr refuse container


        Black seagull proof bag


        Brown food caddy


        Silver kitchen caddy


        Red paper and card bag


        Red 240Ltr Paper and Card container


        Blue Mixed Recycling container (box)


        Blue 240Ltr Mixed Recycling container


        Large bins for communal properties

        Brown 180 Ltr food caddy


        360 Ltr red/blue container


        940 Ltr Chamberlain metal container


        1100 Ltr metal container



        Frequently asked questions


        Why do I have to pay for my containers?

        Due to significant cuts from Central Government the council has to make significant savings and therefore can no longer afford to provide this service for free. The waste container charging policy has been introduced to encourage residents to take responsibility for the containers provided and to reduce demand for replacement containers. The council will repair any containers that become damaged or un-serviceable as a result of the collection process, as soon as reasonably practicable and free of charge.


        How much will the charge be for a new or replacement container?

        Please see our current fees and charges.

        Due to the current financial situation, the council is under increased pressure to save money. The charges we are introducing will solely cover the cost of the containers, their delivery and the administration of this service.

        Householders are responsible for looking after their containers and residents are being encouraged to take steps to keep them safe. If your container is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair a charge may be made for a replacement.


        What is the charge actually covering?

        The charge covers the costs of the container, storage, transportation, administration and delivery.  It does not cover the sale of the container(s) to you and the container(s) remain the property of the council.


        Is the council making money by charging for containers?

        The council is not making money by charging for containers, it is only covering its costs. The council can no longer afford to provide this service free of charge due to the demand for replacement containers.



        My container has been stolen; can you send me another one out?

        Please check that it hasn’t been left at a neighbour’s property or further down the street.

        We will be making a charge to replace stolen containers to encourage residents to take responsibility for their containers and to bring them in after they have been emptied.


        How can I prevent my waste containers being stolen?

        There are several things you can do to help prevent this occurring:

        • Use a permanent marker to clearly mark your address on your container
        • Do not place your container out for collection the night before as this means more time for it to go missing. Containers should be placed outside for collection before 6:00am 
        • Try and ensure that your container is brought back in as soon as possible after the collection. Your neighbour may be able to help with this.

        How can I pay for my containers? 

        Payment may be made through the Gateway in advance of ordering your replacement containers. Payment by card can be done over the telephone by calling our Customer Services team on 01843 577115. Online payments will be available later in the year.


        Can I buy my own containers from elsewhere?

        No, they must be purchased from The Council to ensure they are of the required standard and compatible with the lifting equipment on our vehicles.


        What happens if I don’t pay for containers?

        The council has a legal requirement under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA) to collect household waste. Section 46 says that the local authority can define the kind of bin to be used and require the occupier to pay for it.

        Residents who decline to pay for the supply of a waste container may be served with a Section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and or other relevant legislation. The notice will require the provision by the householder of the necessary containers for their waste. Failure to comply with this notice may lead to the issuing of a fixed penalty notice and / or prosecution by the council, if the resident puts rubbish out in an unauthorised container.


        I need a container but cannot pay right now, what shall I do?

        Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a replacement or additional container before payment has been received.  You will need to dispose of your waste legally in the interim. If you are unable to contain your waste or recycling outside of your property, items can be taken to the local tip.


        Can I pay in part payments?

        Unfortunately, we cannot take part payment and a container can only be delivered once the full payment has been received.


        Why is there no deduction for residents on benefits?

        We have set clear prices for all containers which cover the cost of the container, administration and delivery, so our prices are the same for all residents.


        Will residents that have 3 or more children in nappies receive a reduced cost bin?

        No. All residents will be charged the same standard rates for containers.


        One black lidded bin doesn’t provide enough capacity for our family. Can I pay for an additional bin?

        Only households where there are 5 or more permanent residents at the property will be able to purchase an additional black lidded bin. Householders who are struggling to contain their waste in one bin should be encouraged to look at the waste that is going into their black lidded bin to see if they can be recycling more.



        Can I pay for extra containers if I wish?

        Residents are entitled to have one black refuse container as standard, which we will empty. This is because refuse sent to landfill or treatment costs the taxpayer a significant amount of money. However recycling saves money for the taxpayer, therefore you may have as many recycling containers as you can utilise.



        Can I  collect my new container from the depot?

        No, waste containers are available by delivery only.



        What happens if my container is damaged by the collection crew or falls into the back of the collection vehicle?

        If a container is damaged and the fault lies with the council’s collection crew or the collection process, this will be recorded and a new container will be delivered as soon as reasonably practicable and free of charge.  This excludes any damage caused by overfilling the container, placing inappropriate items in it or reasonable wear and tear.


        How will my container(s) be delivered?

        Your containers will be delivered outside your property. A delivery note will be posted through the letter box. We keep a record of the date and time of delivery.



        What happens to my collections in the interim time whilst I am waiting for a container?

        In the unlikely event that you have nothing to contain your refuse or recycling in whilst waiting for a replacement container, we will try to make sure your waste is collected and will advise you on how to present it suitably for collection. Alternatively, you can take any items to the local tip (



        I’ve moved house and there are no waste containers at my new address, do I have to pay for my containers?

        Yes, you will have to pay. If you rent your house from a private or social landlord you should approach them to pay for your container(s).



        What about repairs or replacements for shared containers at communal properties?

        If they can be repaired we will do so free of charge. Replacements will be chargeable and should be purchased by the owner of the property. You will need to approach your landlord about this.



        Can I take the waste containers with me if I move house?

        No- if you move house, the containers will need to remain at the property you are moving from.  You should check on the property you are moving to and ensure containers are in place. If they are not you should discuss this with your new landlord or seller of the property. Garden waste containers are dealt with differently, as this is a paid for service, and whilst you generally can take these with you, you need to check with us first to make sure you are moving to an area that we collect from.



        What happens if I only need a replacement lid or wheels?

        The council will repair any containers that become damaged or un-serviceable as a result of the collection process, as soon as reasonably practicable and free of charge. Residents will need to report this type of damage to us.



        Does the charge apply to all additional and replacement container requests?

        The charge applies to all containers. The charge will apply to each replacement container you request.



        My red bag has disintegrated due to age/quality of the bag- do I have to pay for a new one?

        Yes. However to keep your bag in good condition and prolong its useful life we recommend you store it inside your blue recycling container, some residents find that placing a garden cane through the handles and suspending it across the top of the bin useful. Or try to keep it undercover elsewhere, out of the elements.



        Will the crews return the containers after collection to the property because that is when the containers go missing?

        All collection crews must return containers after emptying to the place the container was collected from. Please ensure that you clearly number your containers to avoid them going missing and to help both you and the crews to identify which address the container ‘belongs’ to.



        What if I have seen my neighbour take my container into their property?

        You must try to retrieve your container by firstly speaking to your neighbour and if unsuccessful contact the Police because this is classed as theft.



        My container has split will I still have to pay for a container?

        Yes, you will still be required to pay the charge for the container, please ensure that you are not overfilling your container which can result in it splitting.



        I am not willing to purchase a container and will be putting out black bags on collection day - will these be collected?

        This waste will not be collected by the crews and this may lead to prosecution and this waste will be investigated by our staff.

        You will be served with a Section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and or other relevant legislation. The notice will require the provision by the householder of the necessary containers for their waste.

        Failure to comply with this notice may lead to the issuing of a fixed penalty notice and or prosecution by the council.

        Refuse, especially food waste, placed out in sacks is much more likely to attract pests and dumping of rubbish, which will affect your neighbours as well as you.


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