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        Apply for a Pavement Licence

        The new Business and Planning Act 2020 has passed the responsibility for issuing Pavement Licences to Thanet District Council on a temporary basis until September 2021.  If you wish to place tables and chairs etc on the pavement you will need to apply for a Pavement Licence, unless the land is private.  If you do not currently have a licence from KCC then any tables and chairs should be removed.

        A licence will run up to 30 September 2021, and will be reviewed after 6 months.

        As part of the application, you are required to complete and display a site notice advertising your application.  You should display the notice on your premise from the day after you submit your completed application, including payment of the fee, and for the next seven days.  During this period we will also consult with various departments and bodies, including the police, KCC Highways etc.  Once the 7 days are up we then have 7 days to approve or reject the application.  There is no statutory appeal process against a decision to refuse an application, however Thanet will have an internal review system via our Licensing Sub-Committee.

        Apply for a pavement licence

        Before making your application please ensure you have read the following:

        • Government guidance on pavement licences
        • Pavement Licence Conditions  – your application MUST comply with these conditions. These are local, KCC and national conditions.
        • Application Guidance Notes  – this details which documents you need to submit when completing your application.  These documents MUST be uploaded when you fill in your application online so please make sure you have them all ready to attach, the application cannot be completed without these documents.

        The licence fee is £100 which must be paid online. This fee is non refundable.  If you wish to have the application in another format ie Word please contact

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