Public toilets

        Information about public toilet facilities in Thanet

        Map of public toilets in Thanet

        The map above shows the locations of all the public toilets within Thanet. Please click on the icon to display further information about opening times and disabled and baby changing facilities.

        Disabled toilet facilities

        Our main public toilets and their opening times:

        • Locations may be closed up to 15 minutes prior to closing time to enable thorough cleaning to be completed
        • Abuse to cleaning staff will not be tolerated
        • All opening times are subject to changes should there be snowfall or icy conditions.


        LocationDisabledBaby ChangingWinter opening times 
        Alpha Road Car ParkYesNo8am to 4:30pm
        Minnis Bay Car Park


        No8am to 4:15pm


        Location Disabled Baby ChangingWinter opening times 
        Clock Tower (Victoria Parade Promenade)Yes -UNISEXYes8am to 4:20pm Disabled only but accessible to all
        Broadstairs HarbourYesYes8am to 4:40pm
        Croft’s Place Car parkYesNo8am to 5:05pm
        Hopeville Avenue Car parkYesNo8am to 5:20pm
        Joss Bay*YesYesClosed for winter
        Stone Bay*AmbulantYesClosed for winter
        Vere Road Car parkYesYesClosed for winter
        Viking Bay (Beach Chalets)NoYesClosed for winter
        Dumpton Gap Beach*AmbulantYesClosed for winter
        Botany BayNoNoClosed for winter


        LocationDisabledBaby ChangingWinter  opening times 
        Buenos Ayres (Marine Terrace)YesNo8am to 5:05pm
        College Walk Shopping MallYesNo8am to 5:45pm
        Harold Road Car ParkYesNo8am to 3.25pm
        Harbour ArmYesNo8am to 5:55pm
        Margate CemeteryClosed until further noticeClosed until further noticeClosed until further notice
        Margate Clock Tower (Sea Front)Closed until further noticeClosed until further noticeClosed for winter
        The Centre Shopping MallYesNo8am to 5:20pm
        Westbrook Bathing Pavillion (Royal Esplanade)NoNoClosed for winter




        Baby ChangingWinter opening times 
        Cavendish Street car parkYesNo8am to 5:50pm
        East Pier yard
        (next to former casino site)
        YesYes8am to 5:35pm
        King George VI ParkYesYes8am to 3:25pm
        Ramsgate CemeteryNoNo8am to 3:05pm
        The Bathing Station (Marina Esplanade)YesYes8am to 3:45pm



        LocationDisabledBaby ChangingSummer
        opening times 
        West BayYesYes8am to 3:40 Disabled only as Unisex
        St Mildreds BayYes

        No radar key needed during Winter hours

        but not during Winter hours
        8am to 3:55pm Disabled only as Unisex
        Station Road

        (next to train station)

        YesNo8am to 4:45pm

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