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The council holds a record for registered addresses within the district of Thanet in East Kent. We maintain a Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) with new and amended addresses within the Thanet area. You can apply online to:

  • name a new street
  • obtain numbers for new developments
  • rename an existing property
PLEASE NOTE: we only deal with Thanet addresses. You must contact your own local authority to apply for addresses in other areas.
Please ensure you have read through the guidance below before completing you application

Many people do not realise that a Thanet property is not just ‘known as’ a certain name or number.  It needs to be registered with Thanet District Council.

Streets in Thanet are named and properties numbered when they are first constructed. From time to time it becomes necessary to make changes. We undertake negotiations with owners and developers.  A change is never undertaken lightly because of the inconvenience it could cause.

There are many Thanet properties, which continue to use unregistered addresses. We are working to bring this figure down by contacting residents where possible to ask them to register their Thanet address.

Without a registered address you are likely to encounter problems with post, utilities, deliveries, internet ordering and, most importantly, emergency services.


There are a number of guidelines which every Local Authority works to regarding numbering and naming strategies.

  1. Numbering of properties will be used at all times to enable easier identification of the property from the road. Where this is not possible suggestions for names will be required.
  2. Where a new property is built in an already numbered street the new property will also be given a number. The number used will be decided by the Street Naming and Numbering Officer.
  3. If a property is built in between two numbered properties the new property will be addressed with a number and letter, for example – 1A The Street.
  4. The numbering of flats is decided by the Street Naming and Numbering Officer. Thanet District Council uses numbers, not letters, for flats wherever possible. This will be done in a logical order on each floor to ensure ease of delivery, emergency service access etc. and will not always be the same as plot numbers.
  5. Any proposed name for a property will be checked by the Street Naming and Numbering Officer for suitability. Should the name be deemed inappropriate Thanet District Council reserve the right to refuse the name and offer an alternative.

Every new property needs to be given an official address.  The process for registering new property addresses is as follows:

  • Application form is sent in with block plan showing access to the property/ies in relation to adjacent roads/properties. Where flats are being registered individual floor layouts must be provided showing access to each flat.
  • Proposal is checked and logical numbering is given. Where the properties are to be named, names will be checked for suitability and duplication.
  • Properties are mapped on Thanet District Council’s system.
  • Information is sent to Royal Mail to have the postcode allocated. This can take 10-14 days.
  • When the official postcode is received, you will be notified of the official address and postcode. We will also notify the following organisations; Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent Police, British Telecom, Centrica, Royal Mail and Land Registry.

If you are registering a large number of houses or flats, or you need to name a new road, please contact the Street Naming and Numbering officer for advice before proceeding.

PLEASE NOTE: You should not sell any new property without written notification of the official address from Thanet District Council. Please apply for registration as early as possible to minimise complications.


This option only applies to properties which are already officially named. Where a property is numbered this number cannot be altered. Similar processes are followed when re-naming properties:

  • Application form is sent in with existing address and up to three proposals for the amended property name.
  • The property will be located on Thanet District Council’s system and the name checked for suitability and to ensure that no duplications exist in a similarly named road.
  • The property name will be changed on Thanet District Council’s system.
  • Royal Mail will be informed of the name change and will notify Thanet District Council when their system is updated.

PLEASE NOTE:This process can take up to 1 month to complete. You should not display the new name until you have received written confirmation from Thanet District Council.


Some people wish to add a name to their already numbered property address to add some individuality to the property or to help with deliveries.

The same rules and guidelines apply as when renaming a property.  Whilst the name chosen will not form part of the official address you must notify Thanet District Council in order that the changes are made public.

PLEASE NOTE: If you add a name to your property you must continue to use the original number as well and must clearly display both on your property. For example – ‘The Bakery’, 1 The Street, Margate.

If you wish to discuss your Thanet application or you would like an application form emailed or posted to you please telephone 01843 577768 or email gisteam@ekservices.org

PLEASE NOTE: we only deal with Thanet addresses. You must contact your own local authority to apply for addresses in other areas.


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