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        Thanet’s current adopted Local Plan – 2006

        What is the Local Plan?

        The Local Plan is a plan for the future development of the local area, drawn up by the Local Planning Authority. It guides decisions on whether or not planning applications can be granted.

        In law it is described as the development plan documents adopted under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. A Local Plan can consist of one or more documents.

        The Council’s current Local Plan includes:

        Thanet Adopted Local Plan 2006  (pdf)

        Cliftonville Development Plan

        Kent Waste and Minerals Local Plan Saved Policies

        Thanet is currently producing a new Local Plan


        Thanet Local Plan 2006 Saved Policies

        The Thanet Local Plan 2006 was adopted in June 2006.

        The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 introduced measures that meant all the policies in the Thanet Local Plan 2006 would expire in June 2009 unless the Secretary of State extended the policies beyond that date.

        A Direction has been received from the Secretary of State and 93 of the policies in the 2006 Local Plan have been saved.

        The Thanet Local Plan Saved Policies form part of the development plan for Thanet.

        These will remain in force indefinitely or until superseded by new policies in the new Local Plan. View the Thanet Local Plan 2006 and interactive proposals mapSearch function is by post code only.

        PLEASE NOTE: The original text and proposals map still include the policies that have not been saved.

        View a copy of the Letter and Direction from Secretary of State (PDF).

        A list of the saved policies which remain in force is set out below in Chapter order:-

        Chapter 2 – Economic Development & Regeneration

        EC1     Land Allocated for Economic Development

        EC2     Kent International Airport
        EC4     Airside Development Area
        EC5     Land at and East of the Airport Terminal
        EC6     Fire Training School
        EC7     Economic Development Infrastructure
        EC8     Ramsgate Waterfront
        EC9     Ramsgate New Port
        EC10    Margate Old Town and Harbour
        EC12    Retention of Employment Sites

        Chapter 3 – Housing

        H1      Residential Development Sites
        H2      Dwelling Supply
        H3      Phasing
        H4      Windfall Sites
        H6      Residential Development Site – Westwood
        H7      Residential Development & Amenity Site – Minster
        H8      Size & Type of Housing
        H10     Areas in Special Need of Attention
        H11     Non Self-Contained Residential Accommodation
        H12     Retention of Existing Housing Stock
        H14     Affordable Housing Negotiations on Housing Sites
        H15     Rural Local Needs Housing
        H16     New Agricultural Dwellings

        Chapter 4 – Town Centres & Retailing

        TC1     New Retail Development
        TC4     Mixed Use Area
        TC7     Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs Core Centres
        TC8     District & Local Centres
        TC9     Hot Food Takeaways

        Chapter 5 – Transportation

        TR3     Provision of Transport Infrastructure
        TR4     New Road and Highway Improvements
        TR5     Off-Street Servicing in Town Centres
        TR8     Rail Link Safeguarding Direction
        TR10    Coach Parking
        TR12    Cycling
        TR15    Green Travel Plans
        TR16    Car Parking Provision
        TR17    Retention of Existing Car Parking
        TR18    Car Parking at Westwood and Out of Centre Locations

        Chapter 6 – Design

        D1      Design Principles
        D2      Landscaping
        D5      Advertisements
        D7      Areas of High Townscape Value
        D9      Accommodation for Elderly Relatives

        Chapter 7 – Heritage

        HE11    Archaeological Assessment
        HE12    Archaeological Sites and Preservation
        HE14    Montefiore Site

        Chapter 8 – Tourism

        T1      Tourist Facilities
        T3      Self-Catering Accommodation
        T4      Hoverport Site Pegwell Bay
        T5      The Lido Site
        T6      Language Schools
        T7      Amusement Uses
        T8      Dreamland

        Chapter 9 – Sport & Recreation

        SR1     New Facilities
        SR2     Jackey Baker’s
        SR3     Maximising Use of Facilities
        SR4     Provision of New Sports Facilities
        SR5     Play Space
        SR7     Urban Fringe
        SR8     Formal Countryside Recreation
        SR9     Informal Countryside Recreation
        SR10    Public Open Space
        SR11    Private Open Space
        SR12    Playing Fields
        SR13    Allotments
        SR14    Community Woodland
        SR16    Equestrian Uses and Buildings
        SR18    Major Holiday Beaches
        SR19    Intermediate Beaches
        SR20    Undeveloped Beaches

        Chapter 10 – Countryside & Coast

        CC1     Development in the Countryside
        CC2     Landscape Character Areas
        CC5     Green Wedges
        CC7     Rural Lanes
        CC10    Farm Diversification

        Chapter 11 – Rural Settlements

        R1      General Levels of Development
        R2      Village Gaps
        R3      Village Services
        R4      Village Shops

        Chapter 12 – Nature Conservation

        NC3     Local Wildlife Sites
        NC6     RIGs Sites

        Chapter 13 – Environmental Protection

        EP2     Landfill Sites
        EP5     Local Air Quality Monitoring
        EP7     Aircraft Noise
        EP8     Aircraft Noise and Residential Development
        EP9     Light Pollution
        EP13   Groundwater Protection Zones

        Chapter 14 – Community Facilities

        CF1     Community Facilities
        CF2     Development Contributions
        CF3     Training Facilities
        CF4     QEQM Hospital Margate
        CF5     Margate Cemetery
        CF6     New Education Site

        Kent Waste and Minerals Local Plan Saved Policies

        Kent County Council is responsible for producing policy in relation to Minerals and Waste. Existing policies are the ‘saved’ policies contained in the Construction Aggregates Minerals Local Plan, Chalk and Clay Minerals Local Plan, Oil and Gas Minerals Local Plan, Brick Earth Subject Local Plan and Waste Local Plan.

        Kent County Council is in the process of replacing the above documents with Mineral and Waste Development Framework Documents.

        The Minerals and Waste saved policies, and further information about the Minerals and Waste Development Framework can be found on Kent County Councils website: Kent County Council – Minerals and Waste


        Cliftonville Development Plan Document

        Plan adopted by Council

        The Cliftonville Development Plan Document was reported to full Council on 25th February 2010 and was formally adopted. The Cliftonville DPD forms part of the Council’s Local Plan.

        On 19th October 2009, Thanet District Council submitted the Cliftonville Development Plan Document to the Secretary of State for an examination of the ‘soundness’ of the plan.

        In a letter to the council, the Planning Inspector concluded that new policies, which are contained in the Cliftonville Development Plan Document (DPD), met all the legal and planning criteria set out in the legislation. He hoped that his conclusions and recommendations will “enable the Council to ensure a positive, social, economic and environmental outcome for Cliftonville to benefit the local community.”

        In coming to his conclusions, the Inspector had considered comments made on the policies from a number of people and groups living and working in the area.

        The Inspectors report sets out a number of changes to be made to the document (largely the changes in the Minor and Significant schedules of changes proposed by the Council) – these changes are binding on the council.

        The Evidence Base that supported the Cliftonville DPD comprised 40 documents, most of which are available electronically.


        View the interactive proposals map

        View the Thanet Local Plan 2006 interactive proposals mapSearch function is by post code only.


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