Warwick Road, Cliftonville

Principle of Development

This property had been previously used as a house in multiple occupancy (HMO) ie, bedsits with shared facilities.  The District Council aims to increase the supply of quality family housing, and is seeking to reduce the number of HMOs.  This development has transformed a former large HMO to 3 X 4-bed maisonettes, and 3 X 2-bed flats,  with demolition of ground floor front and rear extensions.

Character and appearance

The Cliftonville area comprises a variety of homes, with rich character and high standards of design making it is a fine example of historic seaside architecture.  There are two nearby Conservation Areas.

This substantial property has undergone a full renovation including demolition of the front and rear extensions.  This has improved the front elevation and reinstated two entrance ways.  The overall appearance of the building will be more in keeping with the street scheme.

Living conditions

The reduced number of residential units will result in improved living conditions of neighbouring property due to a reduced number of movements to and from the site, and reduced noise and disturbance.  Occupiers of the development will enjoy a high standard of accommodation, with good room sizes, with plenty of natural light, outlook and ventilation, with outdoor space.

Consultation with local residents

An open meeting was held in Cliftonville for residents living nearby before development work commenced.

Renovation work

This large property has been converted into 3 X 4-bed maisonettes, and 3 X 2-bed flats,.  Works included:

  • demolition of ground floor front and rear extensions
  • New internal layout
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • New windows and doors
  • Insulation
  • Outside amenity areas


This development, completed in 2020, provides large units of family housing of a high quality which contributes positively to the environment.  It does not adversely affect the living conditions of neighbouring property occupiers, or highway safety.  This development improves the street scene.

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