Summer Blast Programme 2017

Summer Blast Programme 2017

Thanet District Council Sports Development service is delighted to be delivering the Thanet Summer Blast programme available to young people and families across Thanet.  If you're looking to have a blast this summer, than look no further!  

The team have put together this sport and activities programme to provide young people and families the opportunity to get active this summer.  This summer blast programme has a whole host of activities and programmes available across Thanet, all for FREE, to ensure you have a fun, vibrant and active summer.

As well as some of the FREE activities on offer, check out what else is available from some of our community sports clubs and organisations.  There are no barriers to getting involved, simply select which activity you want to try, sign up and get involved!

We will also be using the #Thanetsummerblast17 hashtag, so please make sure you tweet all your pictures, videos and feedback to help us shape our service delivery going forward.

The team will be out with the mobile selfie frame to promote the summer of sport in Thanet.

How to get involved?

To take part in any of the activities on offer simply click the link below and print a copy of our summer blast programme.  

All activities are completely free and there is no need to book.  When you arrive for your activity, the session coaches will need to sign you in to ensure we have your emergency contact details.

Thanet Summer Blast 2017

1.7mb PDF download

What do I need to bring?

  • Drinking water
  • Comfortable trainers
  • Sun cream if required
  • Any medication, inhaler, or information that the coaches need to be made aware of prior to your session?

What happens if the weather is not great?

We are passionate about delivering our community sports programmes and we want to ensure that every activity is delivered without any barriers, however in some circumstances weather implications can hamper this, and we need to ensure that every session is risk assessed and delivered safely to avoid any injuries or hazards.  

The team will monitor the weather forecast each day and week, in some circumstances if the weather is too wet or hot to deliver, the team will provide an update on social media.  

We appreciate in some situations, this information may not always be received in time, however we will try are up most to ensure this information is communicated prior to you planning your journeys.

Please also contact the office on the contact details above to check.

For more information

Contact Sports Development:


Tel: 01843 577032

Mob: 07770828582

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