Proposed Cliftonville Conservation Areas

This consultation is now closed.  Thank you to everyone that took part.

What happens now?

Officers will carefully consider every representation received from residents and will use this information to formulate recommendations to be put before Members of Cabinet.  

It is anticipated that the report will be put to Cabinet after June 2016.  

About this consultation


In 2010, following the designation of Dalby Square Conservation Area, Thanet District Council commissioned the 'Conservation Studio' to report on whether there was further potential to designate conservation areas in Cliftonville West Ward.  Thanet District Council consulted on the designation of Ethelbert Road and Athelstan Road in 2014 which received public support and was subsequently approved and designated as a conservation area.


During the consultation on the proposed designation of Ethelbert Road and Athelstan Road, residents told us they would like to see the remaining areas submitted together as one consultation.

We took this on board and consulted on the five proposed areas and their individual management plans between Monday 11 January and Monday 7 March 2016.

How did residents find out more and have their say?

The appraisal documents and management plans were available online, our public drop in sessions and at:

Residents were invited to read the documents and complete a survey to submit their views. We held two public drop-in sessions where residents had the opportunity to discuss the proposals with officers.

We also visited the Quarterdeck Youth Club to talk about the proposals and gain the ideas and opinions of their members and engage young people in local democracy.

If you have any questions about the progress of the Conservation Area proposals please contact Jacob Amuli on 01843 577126 or email