It’s advantageous to use the vertical elements walls, secure fences by using screw eyes and galvanised wire to create a climbing frame or attach trellis to these vertical elements. There are many climbers that will help to improve the beauty of these surfaces and therefore improve the aesthetics of your front garden whilst minimising space impact.

Climbers recommended for all year round interest are-:

Sunny/Partial Shade Positions

Climber (twinning) Foliage Flowering Period (approx)
Clematis cirrhosa ‘Purpurascens’   Evergreen November to January
Clematis cirrhosa ‘Wisley Cream’ Evergreen November to January
Clematis armandii Evergreen March/April

Wall Shrubs (train these to grow horizontally or fan train on the wall or fence)

Pyracantha coccinea: Evergreen/Spring Flowers great berries.

Wisteria sinensis Prolific’: deciduous racemes of purple flowers

Partial Shade/Shade Positions

Hydrangea petiolaris (climbing hydrangea) beautiful rusty brown stems and vibrant green foliage buttery yellow autumn foliage and inflorescence of creamy white flowers in spring early summer (for walls not fencing).

Akebia quinata: evergreen vibrant purple flowers and bladder like fruits.

Lonicera japonica ‘Halliana’: evergreen foliage fragrant white/yellow flowers/berries.

Jasminum nudiflorum: winter flowering, yellow funnel flowers, deciduous.

Recommend for Larger Front Gardens and wider expanses of wall

Rambling Rosa ’Frances E Lester’: great for pollinators and beautiful berries.

Rambling roses: single flowered to maximise pollinator potential, great rose hips to. Train these onto wires frames using strong twine (not wire) so as not to damage the stems. Once height is gained they will cascade down in flowers/they can be trained along wires between windows on walls of the house. In sunny/partial shady positions they can grow through tree canopies for great effect.

Rosa ‘Frances E Lester’: beautiful purple flushed white panicles of flowers/berries.

Rosa’ Kiftsgate’ : Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’: Rosa ‘Wedding Day’.

Rosa ‘Frances E Lester’: beautiful growing through tree canopies or on vertical supports.

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