6 March, 2020

Community sauna to move to Walpole Bay in April

Haeckels Limited was granted a one off licence to place a community sauna on Margate Main Sands initially from September 2019 until mid-January 2020 to run alongside the Turner Prize. This was then extended until Friday 17 April 2020.

It has proven to be a popular attraction drawing new visitors to Margate and giving local swimmers a focal point over winter. We acknowledge that there is appetite for it to stay in Margate and have been working to identify a summer location. As there are seasonal businesses and because of the high levels of footfall on Margate Main Sands during peak season, the sauna cannot stay in its current spot however, we have proposed an alternative location.

We recognise that interest in our coastline is now year-round, people are using the beaches differently. We want to embrace these changes and begin to explore ways to accommodate a range of activities happening at different beaches. Walpole Bay is home to a popular tidal bathing pool, and already used year-round by a community of swimmers. We believe the sauna will be a welcome facility in this area and its placement here is in keeping with the nature of the bay and its current usage.

We have therefore agreed with Haeckels that a licence will be granted for the sauna to be placed at Walpole Bay until 17 November 2020.

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