22 December, 2021

Council calls for people to be considerate when taking free bags

Thanet District Council is encouraging people to be considerate when taking bags from their 62 litter and dog stations across the district.The stations, which are located at most of Thanet’s beaches and parks, are refilled on a regular basis with compostable bags. However, in recent weeks there have been significant numbers of free bags removed just 24 hours after being restocked.

The stations are designed for people to take one or two free bags when caught unprepared walking their dog or noticing litter on the beach. People should therefore only take what they need to ensure there are still some available for others to use.

The bags provided in the stations are purchased by the council with support from local businesses and other partnerships.

Cabinet Member for Operational Services and Special Projects at Thanet District Council, Councillor Bob Bayford said: “The introduction of our dog and litter stations is having a significant impact to help reduce the amount of litter and dog fouling on our beaches, the promenades and in our open spaces.

“We know that the stations are being well-used which is fantastic, however there are occasions where people are choosing to take handfuls of bags instead of using just one or two. We don’t want to discourage use of the stations as they are proving to be a success, but we’d urge people to be considerate and only take what they need.”

Together with volunteer organisations, the council is currently trialling a new mobile app system to monitor and evaluate bag usage, refills and condition of the stations.

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