5 March, 2018

Waste collections following severe disruption

Updated advice for residents following disruption to waste and recycling collections due to severe weather

Thanet District Council’s waste and recycling service was affected by the severe weather conditions last week. While crews were able to access some main, gritted roads, in the snow and icy conditions the side roads were largely inaccessible to our 26 tonne vehicles.Although waste collection crews were out attempting collection every week day, this has resulted in delays to some collections, which we are working hard to make up.

Residents are advised that additional crews are out, from Monday 5 March through to Friday 9 March, to collect general waste (black bin/seagull bag) that the weather prevented them getting to.


The revised schedule for waste (black bin/seagull bag) collections is as follows:

My collection was due on  >  We will aim to collect on:
  • Tuesday 27 February > Monday 5 March or Tuesday 6 March
  • Wednesday 28 February > Tuesday 6 March or Wednesday 7 March
  • Thursday 1 March > Wednesday 7 March or Thursday 8 March
  • Friday 2 March > Thursday 8 March or Friday 9 March
  • Monday 5 March > No change in collections
  • Tuesday 6 March > No change in collections
  • Wednesday 7 March > No change in collections
  • Thursday 8 March > No change in collections
  • Friday 9 March > No change in collections
In the case of uncollected recycling, residents are asked to keep hold of it until the date of the next scheduled collection – due to the highly unusual circumstances, additional material will be accepted at this time.
To be able to catch up on the collections that were delayed between Tuesday 27 February and Friday 2 March, we have had to make decisions about where we direct our available resources.
For residents who usually have a clinical waste collection, they are suspended last week but we will be making double collections from Monday 5 March through to Friday 9 March.
Unfortunately it means that the green waste collections have been suspended this week. To ensure customers receive the full number of collections, additional collections will be made over Christmas/New Year when the service usually closes.
The patience and understanding that residents have shown throughout this time is very much appreciated.
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