Active Movement and Connections: A series of highway and public realm improvements

As set out in the Town Investment Plan, the aim of this project is to better stitch together Margate’s heritage assets, town centre, coast, and residential areas. This will help residents and visitors access more of the town, more easily. The project will deliver a series of changes to parts of the highway, with attention paid to improving the pedestrian experience and accessibility of different parts of the town. There will be a focus on better connections and pedestrian routes.

In addition to any changes to the highway, a series of public realm improvements will be made. They include new toilet facilities in Margate and greening projects, to coincide with new and improved wayfinding and signage.

Project Outcomes:

  • Reduce vehicle dominance on key routes and crossings.
  • Provide new and improved connections for pedestrians to explore different areas of the town.
  • Help people to swap car journeys for active transport and walk or cycle more often, especially around Northdown Road and the town centre.
  • Increase visitor numbers and spend beyond the current key tourist sites, as improved wayfinding encourages discovery.
  • Improve perceptions of public realm safety and connectivity as well as air quality.
  • Reduce health inequalities.

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