Apprenticeship statutory return 2020-2021

Thanet District Council’s total number of employees was 453 as at 31st March 2020, the day before the first day of the reporting period. Of those 453 employees 29 of them are apprentices.

During the first reporting period (1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021), Thanet District Council employed a further 97 members of staff. 7 apprentices began to work for Thanet District Council in that same period. This includes employees who were already working for Thanet District Council before beginning their apprenticeship, as well as new apprentice hires.

At the end of the reporting period (31 March 2021), Thanet District Council’s total number of employees was 514 due to staff leaving and joining the organisation. 16 of Thanet District Council’s total headcount on 31 March 2021 were apprentices.

Therefore, Thanet District Council has achieved 3.1% in this year of the target.


In 2020-21, the Council has continued to use the apprenticeship levy as both a development opportunity for existing employees and as a way to bring new employees into the organisation.

Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19, we have not been able to offer as many apprenticeship opportunities as in the year before but we continue to prioritise apprenticeships as a means of developing current and new employees and would hope to be able to offer more this year.



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