Blue badge parking scheme & Disabled Parking Bays

Blue Badge holders are statutorily permitted to park without payment:

  • in ‘on-street’ pay and display bays;
  • without time limit in limited waiting and residents/shared parking places;
  • and subject to not causing obstruction for up to three hours on a yellow line.

Where blue badges do not cover;

  • Disabled Persons Vehicles – along with all other non-goods vehicles – are not permitted in goods vehicle Loading Bays
  • Where there is a ban in loading / unloading indicated by kerb markings
  • Taxi ranks
  • Bus stops
  • Where parking would cause an obstruction to traffic or pedestrians
  • Other areas that are reserved for specific users such as reserved permit holder only bays

The Blue Badge disabled parking scheme is run by Kent County Council and allows disabled and blind people to park closer to shops and amenities, allowing the holder to drive or be transported to areas within towns and cities where parking is restricted.

For guidance notes, eligibility and application forms please visit KCC Blue Badge Parking Scheme


Thanet District Council also manages requests from Blue Badge Holders for disabled parking bays on street in residential areas.

A Blue Badge Holder can apply for a bay to be installed in a road where the Blue Badge Holder resides.

This process can be explained in more detail by contacting the Civil Enforcement Department.  A application pack can be sent out which details all requirements for installing a bay. There is a charge for the parking bay and this bay can be used by any blue badge holder.

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