Parking & roads

Information about parking, parking fines, permits and roads

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Paid and free parking in Thanet
Abandoned vehicles and problems with roads
Pay or appeal a parking fine
Apply for a parking permit

Information & guidance

Access Highlight Markings

How to apply for Access Highlight Markings (also known as 'dog bones')

Public Parking Consultation Notices

View the current parking consultation notices

Parking Restriction Request

Guidance on submitting a request for changes to an existing or new parking restriction.

Parking suspensions

Information on suspensions

Road closures

Find out about how to arrange a road closure.

TDC Parking Policy

Thanet District Council Parking Policy

Street collections regulations

Information for those who want to make collections on roads and pavements.

Traffic Regulation Order(TRO) for Thanet

Current full consolidation orders for all on and off street parking regulations and intended orders in Thanet.

Parking data

Data relating to income, permits and abandoned vehicles

Help & support

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