Community Shield

The Community Shield Scheme is built up of a network of organisations that have volunteered to be safe locations throughout your local community.


The Community Shield scheme is being set up in Thanet. Where local businesses can sign up to be a safe place to help those in immediate need of a place of safety. The Community Shield Scheme can also help those who are lost or in more extreme situations when they have been a victim of a crime or are in need of medical assistance. Members of the safe places scheme will be able to offer a safe location within the organisation and offer the person support while contacting the relevant authorities.

We will be providing cards that residents can collect from one of the organisations displaying our logo. These cards enable a vulnerable person or child to provide their emergency contact details. This is so that the employee of the organisation will contact that person and they can come and collect them. The aim of the scheme is to protect the local community.


Safe places will have our logo in the window of the organisation. You can also download the safe places app which will identify safe places near to your location https://www.safeplaces.org.uk/apps/



If you are a business who is interested in becoming a safe place for the Community Shield scheme you can register using our online form.

If you wish to be part of the Community Shield Scheme please see our terms and conditions.



You will be required to:

  • Register via our online form
  • Provide your public liability insurance on registration
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Have a minimum of 2 members of staff on the premises at all times (where possible)
  • Contact the person named on the back of the card (if the person wishes you to do so). If the person does not have a community shield card ask them to provide contact information for someone who can collect them e.g parent or carer
  • Contact the relevant emergency services if the person has been injured or a victim or a crime
  • Follow the step by step guide when a person enters the premises
  • Allow the person to remain on the premises until the named person on the card has arrived, in more serious cases the police or ambulance service or until they feel safe to leave
  • Place posters in staffing areas and watch the required video: Safe Place Scheme video
  • Not store or collect any data

We have provided this step by step guide for organisations who are part of the scheme:

  1. If it is safe to do so, approach the person calmly and ask for their name
  2. Be reassuring and respectful at all times
  3. In a clear and calm manner, ask them why/if they need help
  4. Do not be dismissive and take every problem seriously
  5. Ask them if they have a Community Shield card. If they provide one, read the information on the back.
  6. Contact the person named on the card if the person wishes you to. If the person does not have a Community Shield card ask them to provide contact information for someone who can collect them e.g parent or carer
  7. Keep them engaged in conversation while you are waiting for the contact on the card to arrive or the emergency services (if they have been a victim of a crime or are in need of medical attention)



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