New Parking Restriction Requests

You can use the online form to request a change to an existing or a new parking restriction.

Please ensure you have read the guidance below before beginning the form.

All requests for changes or new restrictions must be sent to Thanet District Council via our online form. Anyone can make a request however the request must include:

  • The exact location you require the restriction
  • The details of the restriction such as the length of restriction, times of restriction, boundary of restriction, ect.
  • The reason you require the restriction, for example access issues
  • Evidence to support the request such as photographs of the issues, crash data, Emergency services access issue, etc.

All requests will be reviewed by Thanet District Council in the first instance, if agreed it will be added to an agenda to discuss at a Joint Transportation Board meeting which are held on a quarterly basis.

The Joint Transportation Board will review the request and if they are in agreement that the restriction is required, an informal consultation will go live to the public for their comments.


The consultation document will be made readily available to the public on the Thanet District Council website, in the local newspaper and notices will be placed on street in the requested road.

Public Consultation is advertised for a minimum of 21 days. Anyone can comment on the proposal during the time frame, support or objections to a proposed order will need to be made in writing to Thanet District Council.

Once the consultation period closes, all comments are reviewed by Thanet District Council, If a significant number of rejections are received the request will be taken back to the Joint Transportation Board for further discussion.

Next steps

  • If there are minimal to no objections the request will be added to the amendments and will be sent to Kent County Council’s Parking and Enforcement Manager and their Legal department for checking and sealing, once the amendment is sealed this allows the restriction to be legally enforced in line with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
  • Depending on Kent County Council workload from other Districts we advise this process can take a minimum of eight weeks.
  • Once the sealed Traffic Regulation Order is received by Thanet District Council the Order will be published on our website, in local press and on posters in the area. It will be advertised for a minimum of 21 days with the stated live date.
  • The Order gives the public notice of the new restrictions coming into force.
  • Once the Order is published Thanet District Council will implement the relevant signage and restricted lines in the area. We use a contractor for all our line marking.
  • In line with the process above, please be aware it can take between 12/18 months to implement from the initial request received to the restriction being legally enforced.


A petition from the public will trigger a local authority review of any aspect of parking policy.

In response to a petition, local authorities will be required to review their parking policy in a specified location, and produce a report for consideration by councillors in an appropriate public council meeting.

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