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        Possible traffic disruption

        Advice and guidance about the potential impact on local road networks.

        When we leave the EU, there will be a potential impact on the road networks. There are a set of measures in place to keep the M20 open in both directions between junctions 8 and 9 in the event of disruption to services across the English Channel, by using different holding areas. This is known as Operation Brock.

        In the event of excessive disruption, part of the Government’s national contingency planning to relieve pressure on the M20 is to redirect lorries heading for the Port of Dover to Manston Airport. If this is activated, this could significantly impact on the local road network in and around Thanet.

        The illustration below is a map of instructions for Europe-bound goods vehicles travelling to Eurotunnel or Port of Dover on the Kent coast

        Operation Brock Map

        Given the potential for disruption, we suggest heading the following advice: 

        • Check before your travel to ensure you can complete your journey.
        • Allow extra travel time and consider alternative routes to your destination in the event of a hold up.
        • If using public transport check for any changes to the service that could affect your journey.
        • Ensure you take extra food and water, and any prescription medication that may be needed, in the event that your journey is delayed
        • Stay tuned to the local radio, social media and Highways England website for advice and guidance.

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