Private Renters

A home in good repair, that is safe, warm, and comfortable will improve your health and wellbeing. Cold, damp homes in poor condition can be expensive to heat and can affect your health.
In the UK there are requirements for landlords to keep their rented properties safe and free from health hazards.

Landlords must ensure that all gas and some electrical equipment is installed safely, and maintained. They should also give you an Energy Performance Certificate for your property (exemptions apply). Your rented property should be rated A, B C D or E. Properties with F and G ratings require an exemption from the council.

Do you have housing maintenance problems or concerns?

First contact your landlord or letting agent in writing to let them know about the concerns you have. Keep a record of the dates you first noticed the problems and when you reported them. Your landlord should let you know what they intend to do to address the problems.

If your landlord or letting agent does not make the repairs, you can visit Citizens Advice for guidance on what your options are as a tenant in privately rented accommodation.

You can also contact our Environmental Health team on environmental.health@thanet.gov.uk or Private Sector Housing team on housing.conditions@thanet.gov.uk

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